BAPSA Activists Detained by Delhi Police for Protesting Against Saharanpur Thakurs’ Violence


On 24th May, Birsa Ambedkar Phule Students Association (BAPSA) also had burned the effigy of CM of UP, Adityanath Yogi and Modi, PM of India in JNU campus and protested against the Thakur terrorism in Saharanpur.

Let the message be loud n clear that all these lost Dalit lives and violence imposed by upper castes will not go silent, says BAPSA activist.

On 26th May, BAPSA activists again gathered outside the Central Secretariat to protest against the Thakurs’ violence and police detained BAPSA activists. Detaining the students happened despite BAPSA had received the police permission to assemble.

BAPSA activists were protesting peacefully against Saharanpur violence and raising slogans of Jai Bhim. Is raising Jai Bhim slogans banned in India under BJP government?  

Where is the freedom to protest and speak as guaranteed by the Constitution of India? BJP government is killing the freedom to assemble peacefully and protest.

Police detained the students and took to different police stations. Police is trying to impose section 144 on the protesting students. They have taken two-three students as a group to different police stations. A few of us (mostly women activists) are in Mandir Marg police station and others we do not have any clue, says another activist of BAPSA on Facebook.

BAPSA activists were protesting against the violence unleashed by the Thakurs of Saharanpur on Dalits in which more than 100 Dalits’s houses were burnt, 2 Dalits were killed, Dalit women were abused and Thakurs tried to burn innocent young Dalit kids. All this happened under the nose of BJP government and so-called upper castes administration of UP and no one did anything to protect Dalits.

Why cannot Dalit-Bahujans even protest peacefully?

Don’t stay silent and speak against injustice and inhuman behaviour of so-called upper castes.

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BAPSA JNU BAPSA Protest Down with Thakur Terrorism by BAPSA Modi and Yogi effigy burning by BAPSA

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    Until and unless, Dalits -Bahujan flex their political muscle and poses threat to Modi/Yogi, protest marches don’t move the needle of threat to their governance.

    Do we Dalit-Bahujan have enough UNITY to scare the RSS/BJP clan?

    Why don’t the S.C/S.T Parliamentary caucus storm the Parliament House like protest all over India by Dalit-Bahujan?
    Or are they dead beats ?Dr. Ambedkar fought for rights and now Dalit politicians are squandering those rights ,there is another name for it called betrayal.Ram Dass Athwale has become a Modi Bhakt ,Modi had become a Ambedkar Bhakt, so we have a new modern Bhakti movement, even the god has turned deaf ears to Dalit woes.
    So who should the poor Dalits approach to ameliorate their miseries.?

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