Terrorist Thakurs Killed Dalits in Saharanpur


After BSP chief’s visit to Saharanpur where she asked for peace and harmony among the communities, Thakurs of the area attacked Dalits again after Mayawati left.

Some initial reports are saying that 3 Dalits were killed and around 20 Dalits were injured. Thakurs came with the swords and guns to attack innocent Dalits. Thakur terrorism in Uttar Pradesh is on rise after Yogi Adityanath became the CM of the state. BJP government in the state has failed Dalits and Muslims and attacks on Dalits and minority communities have increased many times. It’s a total failure of BJP government in UP and the president rule should be implemented in the state.

After Mayawati’s rally, a truck carrying Dalits back to their village from the rally spot was attacked by Thakurs. Today’s caste violence is the fourth major incident of caste clashes in Saharanpur in the last three weeks and Yogi government has failed miserably.

“Dalits” are not “votes” only. Dalits are only Hindu for election or Hindu-Muslim conflict, rest of the time Hindus treat Dalits worse than animals and kill Dalits.

Why we can’t wait anymore and we need to strengthen Bhim Army or similar organisations to protect ourselves from terrorist Thakurs and other so-called terrorist organisations such as RSS. Dalits and Muslims should come together and fight against the Brahminical oppression.

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Dalits, be angry and fight back the caste atrocities that’s what Dr Ambedkar wanted us to do. Stand against the brahminical oppression. Leave Hinduism, a religion where Dalits don’t have any place and are killed every day. Reject religion of discrimination. Convert to Islam, Buddhism, Christianity, Sikhism, whatever appeals you but Dalits should leave Hinduism. There is no need to stay in a religion where Dalits are not given equal treatment.

Terrorist Thakurs killing Dalits in Saharanpur is not covered by any Brahminical media. Stop watching/reading Brahminical channel/newspapers also.

We demand equal rights only, we don’t want your share, we don’t want what belongs to you, we want our rights, equal rights and we don’t want to leave what belongs to us, equal rights. Only a sick society can have a problem with giving equal rights to the citizens. We don’t want your share and we don’t want to leave our share also. We want equal rights, if not given, we will snatch those. Wait and watch.

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