Understanding the Revolutionary Speech of Chandrasekhar Azad Ravan


The president of Bhim Army Chandrasekhar Azad (Ravan) has broken all sanatani cages and made his remarkable entry at Jantar Mantar Delhi on 21.05.2017. Chandrasekhar Azad from his speech has put forth his idea of real freedom and need of equality, fraternity, brotherhood, and justice for those who are still regarded as slaves and untouchable in the country. One must understand the following gist and synopsis of Chandrasekhar Azad’s speech –

  1. The downtrodden of this country are not slaves and they are independent. They are no more distressful.
  2. For the freedom and liberty of downtrodden, one should be ready and willing to sacrifice his life till he/she gets justice for them.
  3. RSS is the ultimate enemy of Bahujans and we should work together to eradicate fascist wings like RSS from the country and protect the constitution.
  4. To get united against burning rise of all kind of atrocities on Bahujans (SC, ST, OBC, Valmikis, Muslims) from Kanyakumari to Kashmir and to raise the voice from one part of India against atrocity from other parts of India.
  5. Not to be scared of the ruling class and stage marches against the atrocious heinous crimes against Bahujans and marginalized society committed by Manuwadi and gives the answer in methods approved by the Constitution.
  6. One must come in self-defense for saving and protecting the life of our brother and sisters and should make all sacrifices.
  7. To put firm belief in the Constitution of India and regard it as a holy book of downtrodden. Make mass awareness throughout India amongst downtrodden about the Constitution and start and run movement in the constitutional way in India for the welfare of downtrodden.
  8. Stage movements within the four corners of the Constitution of India.
  9. To stand with and to support every fighter who fights against atrocious acts of administration, Parliament, judiciary and media and to compel them not to deny fundamental rights of downtrodden in any sphere and to maintain the integrity and basic structure of the constitution.
  10. Chandrasekhar regarded Dr. B.R Ambedkar and Mahatma Phule and other Bahujan leaders as the source of every movement of downtrodden and laid importance on their teaching and struggle.
  11. He rejected any form of struggle for the emancipation of downtrodden except Ambedkarism, Buddhism, and value of constitution.
  12. He ultimately declared the struggle of downtrodden for the constructive realization of equality as preached by Buddha and its logical end by conversion to Buddhism as done and followed by Dr. Ambedkar.

Hence suffice to say that the struggle of Chandrasekhar Azad is a struggle for all of us and we must stand together with him at every cost.

Jay Bhim!

Author – Adv. Smita Kamble

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