Bhim Army – Chandrashekar Azad’s (Ravan) Speech at Jantar Mantar That You Should Read


(Dalits gathered at Jantar Mantar on 21st May in large numbers where Bhim Army founder Chandrashekar Azad, Ravan, delivered the speech. A speech in which he attacked Brahminical system and demanded justice for atrocities on Dalits. People raising slogans continuously in the background, “Jai Bhim”, “Chandrashekar fight, we are with you”, “Bhim Army Zindabad” etc. It becomes difficult at some places to hear Chandrashekar clearly while Dalits’ raise slogans.)

Those who have come from throughout India, I thank everyone for the support. I promise that Chandrashekar will never forget the support that you have given to me and Bhim Army. Today on 21st May, slavery was abolished in Colombia, South America and we declare today that we end slavery in India today. We are not “neech”, neither are we “achut” nor from “lower castes”; we are everyone’s father.

Don’t test us; I want to tell through media that Ambedkarites can never be Naxalites but don’t test us that in the process of protecting the honour of our sisters we take some steps which might not be right. So, don’t test us, we are Ambedarites so we won’t take any such step.

It is a beginning of another fight for justice; it is a fight for third freedom.  Till when this fight will continue? Till now don’t win this fight, we will fight. It is your responsibility to fight this battle.

If I am arrested and sent to jail, don’t protest or sit on dharnas but give notice to administrations of your area and raise voice against those who burnt 56 Dalits’ houses and 25 shops in Sabirpur, Saharanpur.  Raise voice and support those Dalit brothers and sisters who got injured and are in the hospital and ask for the release of those Dalits who have been falsely implicated in the cases and have been arrested. I, Chandrashekar, am ready to go to jail, don’t do fasts for me.

One Anna Hazare protests and he gets full support of media and everyone, I want to ask how many will come to support us if within the provisions of the constitution we protest? (Loud cheers in support)

We will fight along with whole Bahujan samaj including Dalits, OBC, Muslims, Balmiki communities, we will fight together against injustice and no one will dare to raise their hands on us in atrocities. Political parties and their leaders have restrictions of various kinds as they have to ask votes from different communities and different people but Chandrashekar hasn’t bowed down and will not bow down.

All those who made this protest successful, they have worked really hard. My Facebook and Whatsapp are blocked by there are other team members of Bhim Army, when they post, understand that those messages are from Chandrashekar.

It’s a fight for equality, it is a fight against oppression, we are not fighting for grabbing the power, and we are fighting against the oppression.

I want to tell all those who are making phone calls and threatening me and my family that we are fighting against oppression and atrocities so if we started oppressing, all these foreigners (Aryans) will run away. This is our country and we will not let it split but as we were rulers of this country we will become the rulers of it again as Dr. Ambedkar had said.

Sarfaroshi ki tamanna ab hamaare dil mein hai

Dekhna hai zor kitna baazu-e-qaatil mein hai

Waqt aanay par bata denge tujhe aye aasman

Hum abhi se kya batayen kya hamare dil mein hai

This is a fight of that community, which despite having constitution doesn’t get the justice. I want to say Judge (Justice Karnan) that don’t be discouraged, political people might not stand with you but social organisations will stand with you and will bring justice. In this country if anyone speaks of justice these people (manuwadi) call him Naxalite and terrorist. Promise me that you will not elect and send useless SC-ST MPs to parliament. All those MLAs from our community in UP who are silent on the atrocities on Dalits and when the honour of our sisters and mothers is attacked and they are silent, we have to teach them lesson also by not electing such people.

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On 23rd May, go to your local administration and bring to their notice the atrocities on the Dalits. Bahujan samaj have to fight together and if any atrocity happens in Kanyakumari, the voice against that should also be raised from Kashmir. If we all raise voice against incidents, there won’t be atrocities if we stand united.

Ravan is in my name, it is because Ravan for his sister’s honour didn’t care about anytime and even after bringing Sita, he doesn’t touch her and respects her. This is what Ravan is. I respect and admire Dr Ambedkar who respected women, I admire Ravan. I am follower of that person who said, “I will never get married, I will never acquire any property, I will never visit my home, I will devote and dedicate the rest of my life to achieve the goals of Phule -Ambedkar movement”

I am a son of Saheb Kanshi Ram and till the time I will be alive, I will live for my community otherwise I will not live, I promise from this stage. – Chandrashekar Azad, Ravan

One more thing, after going home today write on the walls of your home that we have to become to rulers of this nation. Mulnivasis are the rulers of this nation. We will die but we will not go towards the Brahminical system.

Chandrashekar will become Udham Singh also if atrocities on Dalits didn’t end. I believe in Dr. Ambedkar and Udham Singh also. Brahminwadi, these chaddiwala, are “neech” lower class people those have looted you for thousands of years on the name religion and caste. If they are afraid of anything, they are afraid of Buddhism. On 23rd May, declare that if innocent Dalits are not released or are still implicated in false cases, declare that we will convert to Buddhism. This will make these chaddiwalas, Sanghis’ pee in their pants.

Constitution of India is written by our father and we will take our rights by all means.

No one teaches fishes to swim. Make constitution your religious book if you want to fight the Brahminical system. Read and learn provisions of the constitution. Police and media should listen it properly that you don’t take more than a few seconds to raise your stick on Dalits. Now, Dalits have woken up. Chandrashekar will reach wherever there will be any atrocity on Dalits, to settle and account. Keep it in mind.

Stay united and don’t start hero worship that will lead to the end of the struggle for justice.

If someone tries to fight for justice, they (manuwadi people) try to implicate that person in false cases, if he/she wins that, then these Brahminical people try to buy the loyalty of that person with money, if he/she doesn’t sell himself/herself then they try to kill that person. I want to say that if they try to kill one Chandrashekar, there will be Lakhs more who will rise. We talk about Samata, Savtantrata and Nayay, don’t challenge us.

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  1. 1
    True sanatini

    Great Chandrashekhar, your passion is understood by millions of moolvasis who were once rulers.Your point about sticking to constitutional norms is highly appreciated.Manuwaadis by their deceitfulness have divided all Indians.Let us unite against tyranny of any kind.

  2. 4
    Alexander Verghis

    Chandrasekhar appears to b serious very serious.The likes of jeoty aditya nath unleashing atrocities against dalits and other minorities caused a backlash wich is going to give a threat to BJP.All plans of BJP to gain in the hustings in 2019 may not go well for BJP. The BJPs escspade in chennai is not going to be fruitful.

  3. 7

    I saw the entire speech by Mr.Chandershekhar on National Dastak video live.He spoke great and I found that he is very sincere, missionary, an Ambedkrite and a passionate to fight for Dalit Human Rights and Dalit Dignity and self respect.His organization as been wrongly charged as antisocial.There is total out of control Law and order in which police has sided with the Thakur criminals from all accounts ,I have seen and heard.It is the Bhim Army which has become a voice of poor Dalits by lack of Establishment Dalit politicians involvement of Dalit welfare.A long tern view is still awaited, however as of today there is a tremendous ground swell of support among the youth from Dalit community. Dalit political leaders have become mere spectators like –like Paswans, Prakash Ambedkar ,Shushil kumar Shinde,Malki Arjun Kharge Mr.Athwale, Mr, Udit Raj many others both at Center and State level.They have become slave to the political system and have No self respect as Human being.

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