Punjab – Dalits and Sikhs Came Forward to Protest Against Atrocities


While Dalits were protesting at the Jantar Mantar against the atrocities of Thakurs of Saharanpur on Dalits, Dalits and Sikh organisations also came forward in Hoshiarpur, Punjab to raise their voice against the atrocities.

Dalits and Sikhs came together to protest against the atrocities on the Sikligar Sikhs in BJP run Madhya Pradesh and so-called Thakurs atrocities on Dalits in Yogi Adityanath led BJP government in Uttar Pradesh, Saharanpur in which Thakurs burnt more than 100 Dalits houses, abused Dalit women and tried to burn young Dalit children.

In BJP run Madhya Pradesh, nearly 500 policemen raided a remote forest area of Pandori village in Khandwa district and arrested many Sikhs on the basis of suspicion; it also arrested three Sikhs from Umadi village in Badwai district. Also, the police fired at the community in Dhar district to arrest Sikligar Sikhs and misbehaved with their women and children in Pachauri village in Baranpur district.

In protest at Hoshiarpur, Punjab, members from various Dalit and Sikh organisations such Guru Ravidas Tiger Force Punjab, Dal Khalsa and Sikh Youth of Punjab, Dr Ambedkar Welfare Society and Dr B R Ambedkar Yagriti Youth Sabha took part in large numbers and decided to fight together against the atrocities.

Youth raised slogans against the Manuwad and demanded freedom from Brahminism.

Punjab Dalits

Dalits and Sikhs protesting against the atrocities

In both cases, in atrocities on Dalits in UP and atrocities on Sikhs in MP, police participated in the atrocities so in both BJP led states, governments have failed to protect the citizens.

Atrocities on Dalits and minority communities have increased after the Modi-led government came to power in 2014. Dalit-Sikhs unity is necessary to fight the manuwadi forces in Punjab and Dalits-Sikhs groups coming together today is a great step towards fighting Brahminism.  It is a time for Dalits and minority communities to come together and fight otherwise be ready to die alone. Fight together and win or die alone. Only after joining hands we can dream of creating a Begumpura.

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    Pradeep Singh

    Guru granth sahib g says we all are human being don’t make gutbandi with others people why we are going to be sin by atrocities think deeply

  2. 2
    Suleiman Haq

    This seems to be more like a political organization then a grass roots support website for ordinary dalits like me. Let us also not forget that the Jatt Sikhs have been against Mazhabi Sikhs for ages. Should we only keep fighting instead of demanding our rights and growing and also allowing others to grow. If we keep fighting then only will you be happy bcoz you can post interesting fights? How many of more dalits needs to die before we can made you happy

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