Manu-stream Media Ignored Bhim Army’s Jantar Mantar Rally, Lakhs Participated


According to the ground reports by National Dastak, more than 1 lakh people participated and many buses and vehicles going to Jantar Mantar were stopped by the police and administration.

Youth especially participated in large numbers. It was maybe the first time that Dalits in this large numbers had reached Jantar Mantar to protest against the atrocities. Walking miles and miles thousands gathered at the Jantar Mantar. Lakhs gathered without any political support, which is another amazing aspect of the today’s protest called by Bhim Army.

Dalits are angry; yes Dalits can be angry, over the rising atrocities on them under Yogi Adityanath government in Uttar Pradesh. More than 100 Dalits houses were burnt by so-called Thakurs of the area in Saharanpur while police were watching all that happening. Dalit women were abused and criminal Thakurs tried to throw children in the fire. Why should not Dalits be angry?

Despite all these, Bhim Army which came to protect their families and friends was implicated in false charges and false cases were registered against the Bhim Army. So, to protest against the atrocities of Thakurs and police on Dalits of the Saharanpur, Dalits gathered at Jantar Mantar and showed their strength.

Jantar Mantar was covered with blue and slogans of Jai Bhim and praise to Dr. Ambedkar who awakened the community.

Leave Temple, Pick Pen

It is nothing new that Manustream media ignores Dalits’ voices. Manustream media once again ignored more than lakh Dalits who gathered at Jantar Mantar today! We sincerely thank Manustream media for reminding us that Dalits should build their own media houses!

Manustream media ignoring Dalits is not surprising anymore to us. We would be surprised if they started covering us. We would be highly suspicious if they started covering us because they don’t do anything without a hidden agenda.

Despite Manustream media ignoring the huge gathering, Dalits used social media to raise their voice. Times are changing and Dalits are using all possible means to spread awareness, social media has played a vital role in that.

We stand with Bhim Army also and urge everyone to support Bhim Army.

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    Dr A K Biswas

    The call to shun mandir is not only appropriate but very essential. In the name of religion, rebirth and accumulated sins of previous birth, the mandir and its owners exploit the illiterate and ignorant men and women. Mandirs are not holy places at all. Its custodians are acute business men, who have not invested any money but get huge return. If dalit boycott mandir, the entire mandir culture will collapse which will benefit whole of India. An eternal source of pollution will dry up.
    Let all dalits boycott mandirs. Let all dalits turn their faces against Hindu temple. Let every dalit turn their backs on mandir.
    This will be the greatest achievement. Remember Lord Mountbatten had accompanied Dr Ambedkar, Member of Viceroy’s Executive Committee to Puri where the Englishman was given red carpet reception. And Ambedkar was denied entry.
    Should dalit at all go to any mandir ever? No, not at all.

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