Saharanpur – Dalits’ Houses Still Burning But Thakurs Got 15 Lakh Compensation!


Law and order have completely failed in BJP run state Uttar Pradesh. After coming to power, Yogi Adityanath led BJP has done nothing to promote peace and law and order in the state. Day by day, atrocities on Dalits and Muslims are increasing. Recently, in Sambhal district of Uttar Pradesh, Muslims were forced to leave the village because of religious tension.

Police which needs to be independent of the government ideology but in BJP led Uttar Pradesh it is not the case. Police in Saharanpur participated in criminal activities along with Thakurs of the area and helped them burn and loot Dalits’ houses in the area. Further, the police are on witch-hunt mode where only members of Dalits community are being arrested and Bhim Army members have been implicated in the fake cases.

Brahminical media is equally responsible as it has done nothing to show the reality of Saharanpur but have taken the side of Thakurs and tried their best to defame Bhim Army and Dalits.

In Shabirpur village of Saharanpur, it’s been 10 days Dalits houses are burning, fire flames have not died yet and smoke is still coming out of the burning houses. Almost 100 Dalits houses were burnt by criminal Thakurs. Dalits were made to flee the village because police and UP administration failed to provide safety.

According to the reports of National Dastak, Thakurs attacked Dalit pregnant woman with sword and Thakurs tried to burn innocent young Dalit children. Dalits’ food storage was burnt. Newlywed Dalit girl’s clothes were burnt and her bangles were broken by criminal Thakurs. Thakurs even burnt some animals of Dalits. All these activities are no less than terrorism, Sanghi terrorism! If all this is not terrorism then what is?

Despite all these UP government has not taken care of Dalits but have awarded 15 Lakh rupees compensation to the Thakur who died because of suffocation while burning Dalits’ houses as claimed by Dalits. As per some reports, he was involved in riots also. Was this the reward for burning Dalits’ houses? What kind of law and order there is in the state? Is this the law and order what BJP had promised before the elections?

A few months ago BJP had offered money to the killer of Akhlaq, Muslim killed in Dadri on the suspicion of eating beef. This is what encouraging the killers and rioters and BJP should be ashamed of this.

Caste plays role in each and everything in India and Dalits are ignored and discriminated in every process. Will Dalits whose houses were burnt get any compensation?

We condemn the government’s action of awarding the criminals and demand compensation and justice for Dalits.

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    But question is who started this? what you do , you should be ready for the consequence for that. I am not in favour of any one either of Dalit or Thakur.

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