India a People’s Republic, Not CEOs’ Company


‘A country is not a company’, wrote famous Economist, Paul Krugman. But the RSS/BJP is running India as a private company and not a country. The aim of the company is to make profits, while that of the country is the welfare of the citizens.

This is what got reflected in the survey conducted by the ET to showcase “3 years” of RSS/BJP Government. Interestingly, the survey conducted is of the CEOs, and Market Players, and 40,000 odd citizens in 200 cities. The ET concluded that Indians and whopping 69 percent of “Indians” have informed that their expectations are met.

The survey is dubious as any survey would be, that only takes into account a fraction from fractional geography. It is not indicative of the general feeling of the Indians. Even the corporate India does not appear wholeheartedly behind RSS/BJP Government’s achievements and the market is divided over many crucial issues. Importantly, even with such a micro-sample size, many respondents felt that the RSS/BJP has failed to deliver on people’s expectations in terms of health and other social parameters.

So, the Government through its paid media is trying to manufacture the consent and create favorable opinions for the incumbent election of 2019.

If any Government is to be judged, it must be judged by the standards set by the constitution. They are simple in outlook but sets very high standards for the Government.

What is the status of community/fraternity?

What is the status of equality?

What about liberty?

These three standards underpin justice to all the citizens. If we take these standards into account what the RSS/BJP is doing is exactly opposite.

India appears to be more divided on caste and communal lines, and the RSS/BJP Government has been trying to wedge more divide between the communities. One has to just survey the largest minority in India as to how they feel in UP, and the Dalits, and the Adivasis. The picture will be entirely different. The continuous trouble for the farmers and the job seekers is all too evident. The great achievements that RSS/BJP boasts of were already initiated by the previous Governments. The GST and the Adhaar were already on the table before the RSS/BJP came to power.

Along with the “Economic achievements” of RSS/BJP Government, its score of “social achievements” must be matched.

India is a people’s republic and that’s what founding fathers of India envisioned, stop running it like a greedy company.

Author – Mangesh Dahiwale, Human Rights Activist

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    To not let that happen, our network should be more stronger….Recently i have watched People are getting too much attracted to aap party….why so?..Is aap different then any other party held by RSS.

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