Hell, Yeah! Dalits are Angry Dear Brahminical Media


“Violent Dalit Mob”, “Angry Dalits”, “Dalits Fighting” etc are maybe a few headlines that you might have read in the recent weeks. With Thakurs of Saharanpur burning more than 100 houses of Dalits, looting Dalits houses and injuring many Dalits, Brahminical media is still wondering why Dalits are angry! Hell, yeah! Dalits are angry dear Brahminical media, accept that and deal with it!

Why shouldn’t Dalits be angry? Why shall Dalits be on the receiving end all the times? Why shall we not defend our pride, our lives and our rights? Why cannot Dalits be angry? Is anger also Brahmin-Bania’s patent?

What is the righteous anger? Anger with the stamp of Brahminical forces!

Hell yeah, we are angry

When day in and day out our brothers and sisters are being killed, raped and murdered,

Hell yeah, we are angry

When day in and day out Dalits are forced to eat cow shit and drink urine,

Hell yeah we are angry

When Dalits’ homes are burnt and Dalits are socially boycotted,

Hell yeah, we are angry

When Brahmin-Bania media is silent over atrocities on Dalits and have no time and space on their news channels,

Hell yeah, we are angry

When vicious Sanghi mobs lynch our mothers and fathers, brothers and sisters,

Hell yeah, we are angry

When Dalit students are forced to commit suicides in campuses,

Hell yeah, we are angry

When a Dalit couple is hacked to death following a disagreement with an upper-caste shopkeeper over a debt of 15 rupees (22 cents),

Hell yeah, we are angry

I can continue to write and give thousands of other examples and can mention incidents where Dalits have been discriminated but that is not the intention here to list all those. So, don’t tell us why Dalits are angry.

I want Dalits to be angry, not sad. Only when you are angry you think of a change. When you are sad, you close yourself in closet, cry and become silent.

They don’t want Dalits to be angry. They want Dalits to be sad. They know when you are sad, you cry only. They don’t want you to think about change. I want Dalits to be angry, I want them to get angry and burn down Brahminism. When you are angry, only then you think about change.

Manuwadi people burn Dalits’ houses, kill innocents and Brahminical media wants Dalits to remain silent or on the receiving end all the time, they can’t be even angry? We will no longer remain silent or on the receiving end, we have been awakened by Babasaheb Ambedkar and we will fight for equality.

Once again, Brahminical media, stop telling us and asking us why we are angry. Every day, newspapers are awash with stories of injustices against Dalits and their oppression by upper-caste Hindus. More than 47,000 crimes of discrimination against Dalits were registered in police stations across the country in 2014. If you cannot see the atrocities on Dalits that are happening every single day, you will not understand why Dalits are angry. Stop wasting our time, stop misguiding Dalits.

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  1. 1
    Dr A K Biswas

    I share the views expressed by Laxmi.
    I’ve one thing to highlight: a dalit who is successful or meritorious, brilliant or a threat to upper caste hegemony is exposed to danger. Therefore the security of Chandrasekhar becomes very important.
    The Government should ensure his safety and security. The possibility of hired goonda, agent or saboteur may be pressed by the enemies for committing harm to him. Beaware!

  2. 2

    Mr. Chandershekher has become the voice of disenfranchised Dalits ,he is not talking about the Elite Dalits, who are in a comfort zone ,but poor Dalits who face day today oppression at the hand of upper caste Hindus.And he is right in his criticism of media who are very much biased.The Media din’t fully describe in detail about the Thakur goons attacked women mercilessly and claim themselves “proud Rajputs”. I know their history if full of slavery to Mughal.U.P govt.has sanctioned the money to the family of the young Thakur died(I condemn too) but Modi and Yogi still have yet to visit the villages and hospitals where 20-30 Dalits are admitted with brutal injuries.Is not the hypocrisy of government and Media. No wonder , today Mr. Chndershekhar’s message is resonating through out the world among Dalits.Because so called Establishment Dalits have failed to protect the poor Dalits. Long live Bhim Army.Jai Bhim.

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