Time to Speak and Protest Against the Atrocities on Dalits by Thakurs – Support Bhim Army


How long can we sit idle and not speak out after seeing the gruesome videos of atrocities by Thakurs in Dalit villages, on women, children young and old with guns, swords, lathis etc. Even attempted to cut women’s breast with swords.It was like the God of evil gone mad and wild(in Hindi Honorable Sharad Yadav called it a Tandav Dance i.e Dance of terror.It was well depicted by Ms. Poornima Ambedkar’s site called “We love Ambedkar” and Mr. Singh reported on National Dastak. Other media have done “Selective Reporting.”

I was glad that two people so far I know off have come forward and demanded an impartial Judicial probe, Mr. Sharad Yadav and P. L. Punia I.A.S, Former chair of S.C/S.T Chair and Rajya Sabha M.P of Congress Party. What happened to Ram Vilas Paswan, Udit Raj, Ram Das Athwale, Prakash Ambedkar Malik Arjun Kharge, Kumari Selja, Mr. Sampla from Punjab (minister in Modi Government), these are some of the names who are supposed to be so called Dalit Leaders. Behanji did made a statement on this issue. But she needs to come out and lead the movement and support those fighting at the ground. BJP has used Dalits to kill Muslims and create riots. But we Dalits are not foolish, gullible to buy the RSS/BJP ideas. Is not the time for Indian Dalits to wake up and realize as to who our real enemy is?

In defense of Bhim Army, I have to say that if Hindus can have – cow Rakshak, Bajrang dal, Hindu Vahini,  Shiv Sena, Ranvir Sena and so many other militant Hindu outfit (Hindu Taliban) to kill Muslims, Dalits and other minorities, I don’t see any reason as why Dalits cannot have a social sevak/workers as has been called “Bhim Army” a misnomer, because it is not an armed institution. I will call it as a social institution to defend the right of Dalits because of total failure of law and order and lack of Dalit leaderships (a vacuum was created for the rise of Bhim Army), it will not be too far fetch to say that Dalit leaderships in various political parties especially Congress and BJP have betrayed the poor Dalits in rural India.

Dalits all over India and the world  MUST UNITE and show their strength by protesting and condemning this ghastly incidence in Saharanpur area,  the indifference of U.P chief Minster Mr. Adityanath Yogi, police conniving with the Thakurs as women in the villages gave their statements. Complete Rehabilitation of the victims.

It is time to take a stand, speak up and protest on atrocities on Dalits by Thakurs.

I do condemn the utter silence of the honorable P.M Modi and his Home Minister Rajnath Singh, BJP leadership, and RSS leadership. We are Hindu at the time of voting and Dalits immediately after that.

We can no longer remain silent, I appeal to all of you to protest in all major cities of Indian and major cities throughout the world, and send thousands of memoranda, phone calls to the appropriate people you know of, who might look into this whole issue of caste violence.

To conclude remember Dr. Ambedkar’s three commandments –

Educate, Agitate and Organize.

Jai Bhim!

Author – Dr. Laxmi Berwa

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