3 Years of RSS/BJP Government and State Media


The RSS/BJP Government is in the perpetual election mode and it has been ensuring the investors that it will continue to hold power till 2024. Modi is keen to continue as the PM after 2019 elections and he is not leaving any opportunity to hold the power. That is the reason why so much money is spent on showcasing the “achievements” of the Government.

Come next week, when it will be 3 years of Modi Government and Indians will be flooded with reports of “achievements” of the RSS/BJP Government. The All India Radio will broadcast the reports in Hindi, English, and all the regional languages. One of the successful policies of the RSS/BJP will be “demonetisation”: the infamous replacing of India’s 86 percent of the currency notes by the new ones.

While all the signs are showing that it was a failed project which yielded nothing for the citizens, except long winding serpentine lines that the citizens faced to get their own legitimate money. The collateral damages of this policy have been much bigger than one can estimate with money value.

The cost and benefit analysis of this policy must be conducted in a fair manner and it has to be evaluated in terms of three goals it alleged wanted to meet: black money, terror money, and fake currency. The goal post was shifted and the government projected digital money as the goal of it. It appears that the demonetisation is proving to be a political snark. The Government will try to highlight gains in the economy. We will have to watch as to how the new indicators will be brought in the service to create a rosy picture. Perhaps, a black paper by the opposition parties should be published highlighting how the RSS/BJP failed the Dalits, the Adivasis, and Minorities. It should also highlight how it failed the OBCs and women. A social audit of all the economic policies must be conducted by the opposition parties. The assessment of the RSS/BJP government on Human Rights has already shown the failure of in this area. Riots and the lynchings have been part of the RSS/BJP Government.

In the area of economic policies, the RSS/BJP is keen to attract more foreign investment and it is keen to corporatise governance from the city councils to the Union Government. Now the city councils are authorized to raise money from the private parties through the Government bonds starting with Pune and Ahmedabad. It entails that there is no end to where the private money can flow into the public affairs.

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The most important achievement of the RSS/BJP Government will be reckless spending on statues. If reports are to be believed, the statue of Patel will cost at least 30 billion US dollars and the same will be the cost of the Shivaji statue in Mumbai. While it is important to raise the monuments of the national and great leaders, but it is more important to carry on the work that they have been doing. The Upper caste dominated media raised hue and cries over BSP’s Prerna Stal in the state of UP, but the same media is quiet on such a policy.

The common citizens should oppose the use of state media to showcase the achievements of the political parties. There is no provision in the constitution that the citizens should be informed after 3 years of the achievements of the Government. The floor of the parliament is enough to discuss the policies and their successes and failures. And the debates are already televised in case the citizens want to know what is happening. The wastage of public money must be stopped.

How do you rate 3 years of Modi government? Let us know in the comments section.

Author – Mangesh Dahiwale, Human Rights Activist

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    There is no achievement of bjp -rss goverment in last 3 years . county GDP figures are inflated not body trust government data on GDP except government own people & Indian media .No FII believe in this GDP figures. Foreign investment is not at the level at UPA government. PSU bank NPA are at all time high (Approx 8Lakh crore ). Our country is only witness job less growth only rich is becoming rich , poor are getting more poorer. no black money ever recovered by this goverment. Not a single penny recover by this goverment on black money.

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