Dalits Convert to Islam after Thakurs’ Atrocities in Saharanpur


I was born a Hindu but will not die one. – Dr Ambedkar, Yeola Conference, 1935

Dr. Ambedkar had said convert to – Islam, Christianity, Buddhism or any other religion that gives you equality. For us, equality is what matters the most. Dr. Ambedkar had even asked Dalits to convert to Islam, Christianity, Buddhism or any other religion that gives you equality.

Convert to Islam, Christianity, Buddhism, Dr Ambedkar

Convert to Islam, Christianity, Buddhism – Dr Ambedkar

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Dalits were expecting good times after Modi government was formed with fake promises of Acche Din but now Dalits of Moradabad say that Modi and Yogi Government are anti-Dalits hence they decided to convert to Islam.

Bajrang Dal and some other Hindutva organisations’ people tried to stop these Dalits from leaving Hinduism but Dalits from Moradabad stick to their decision to leave the religion of discrimination.

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No matter how tall promises Modi and Yogi Government are making the ground reality is different. People are suffering in one way or another, gau rakshak terrorists are killing innocent Dalits and Muslims, demonetization has taken away jobs and condition of government run schemes is poor.

Dalits from Moradabad were angry that their brothers are sisters from the community were attacked by Thakurs in Saharanpur and police, as well as RSS/BJP government, did not do anything to stop Thakur terrorists from burning and looting Dalits’ houses.

Even Dr Ambedkar had said that Dalits become Hindus only when there is Hindu-Muslim conflict otherwise Dalits are treated worse than animals.

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A few days ago, National Dastak team had reported that even Gods were divided in the riot-hit Saharanpur and Dalits were not allowed to enter Hindu temples. Atrocities on Dalits in Yogi led BJP government in UP has increased. Dalits are treated worse than dirt in Hinduism so why stay in Hinduism?

Dalits Convert to Islam

Considering all these Dalits from Moradabad decided to leave Hinduism where they don’t have equal rights in Hinduism. Dalits leave their Hindu idols in the river and said that their belief in Hinduism has ended.

Dalits said, we will see how Modi and Yogi build Ram Mandir at Ayodhya, we will build Masjid in Ayodhya.

Dalits should leave the religion of discrimination and convert to other religions where they get better treatment and equal opportunities.

Dr. Ambedkar’s Bahishkrit Bharat newspaper (15 March 1929) exhorts people to convert to Islam if they are willing to change their religion. It is only after the in-depth studies of various religions vis-à-vis his goals that he decided on Buddha’s Dhamma. It is purely mischievous to say that Dr. Ambedkar was against Muslims. – Excerpts from Anand Teltumbde’s book Ambedkar on Muslims (2003)

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  1. 1
    Abansal Spslt

    Hinduism has survived because of Dalits. The upper castes are united in oppressing Dalits. The day Dalits leave Hinduism, Hindus will start fighting among themselves and disintegrate. This is why BJP tries so hard to polarize Hindus – to unite them so that they can rule over minorities, tribals and Dalits.

  2. 3
    Abansal Spslt

    As human beings we have a right to believe in a religion that appeals to us. Whether Dalits wish to convert to Islam, Buddhism or Christianity, or any other religion must be respected. But STRICTLY POLITICALLY, Dalits will benefit more by converting to Islam than to Buddhism, for two reasons. First, because Muslims are a huge group of extremely marginalized people who also suffer indignity and humiliation on a daily basis. Together they can become real force to bring about real change in India. Second, the practitioners of Hindutva hate politics do not pay attention when Dalits convert to Buddhism – for instance, Rohit Vemula’s family’s conversion. But the moment Dalits choose to become Muslim, they swing into action like the Bajrang Dal members pleading with Dalits to change their mind in the above news. I hope Dalits and Muslims will form political alliances to defeat BJP in 2019. Otherwise for next 50 years or so there won’t be any hope.

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