Corruption – Endemic to the Indian Politics But Why Selective Targeting?


The RSS/BJP government is going after the corrupt politicians selectively. The corruption is plaguing India’s political system and the public office is used for the private purposes. This is true across the political parties and the governments at state and central level. There must be stringent action, but if this action is motivated by political vendetta or political hegemony, then it must be watched carefully and looked at it from the rational point of view.

Corruption is endemic to the Indian politics, then why only opposition party leaders are targeted?

There are credible reports of mass corruption and mass killing of the whistleblowers in BJP/RSS led Government in Madhya Pradesh. In perhaps one of the biggest scams, the BJP/RSS Government started an admission and recruitment body which was called “Vyapam”.

This body gave admissions to lakhs of boys and girls based not their performances, but on the basis of money, they paid to the politicians. The people close to the head of RSS were involved in this scam. Thousands of fake doctors and professionals were created through this scam. This scam ran into many crores. When the lid was off, the people who raise the flag were murdered. Everybody connected with this exposure were killed, murdered, threatened by the “invisible power”.

Though this scam was sensational, the media coverage is reduced and there is no news about this scam.

The “vyapam” became the death sentence for many, and even today perhaps somebody might be dying at the hands of the fake doctors that this big scam created. There are many such news in which it is clear that the BJP/RSS politicians have acted in the interest of the private parties or their relatives. Be it a “helicopter purchase” scam of the RSS/BJP led RSS government, the “Chikki” scam of the RSS/BJP Government in Maharashtra. Anandiben the ex-CM of Gujarat after Modi gave land to her daughter.

One can cite scams after scams in the RSS/BJP regime. The biggest scam is perhaps “demonetisation”: the huge amount of money in the huge caches was found. The “new currency” was so widely available in the few hands even when there was a cap on its distribution.

In other words, the RSS/BJP is equally corrupt and equally bad compared to the other politicians.

Going after politicians of all the political parties is, therefore, important and essential for the national interest, but going after select politicians or people must raise discussion in the country. It is true that the “Disproportionate Asset” under the Income Tax laws have been an important instrument in the hands of the ruling parties to slap it on the leaders of the opposition parties all over the world. But this clause in the democratic set up should not be selectively used.

The latest victim of this is Lalu Prasad Yadav, perhaps the only vocal voice among the backward classes who speaks against the RSS/BJP led Brahminism in India. He has been slapped with a case after the known broker in the media world, Arnab, who came with a report on Lalu’s corruption a few decades back. The husband of Priyanka, Vadera, is on the list for suspicious land dealings in Haryana. The brother of Mayawati, Anand, is being haunted by the Income tax. Kejriwal is haunted. Mamta is implicated in Chit funds. Sasikala is sent to the jail to promote the pro-BJP party in the state of Tamil Nadu.

The Government is duty bound to stop the corruption, but the duty must be extended to politicians without judging by their political affiliations.

If the RSS/BJP does not go after the BJP leaders and the Governments, then it is clear that it is out to destroy any opposition to its limitless greed for power. Perhaps this is a signal for the opposition parties to really rally behind an objective democratic agenda which will stall the incumbent dictatorship in India.

Author – Mangesh Dahiwale, Human Rights Activist

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