Brahminical Courts’ Attempt to Silence Dalit Judge – Justice Karnan


On 8th May 2017. Justice Karnan orders five-year jail sentence and fine for Chief Justice of India and 7 other Supreme Court judges for acting against the Dalit judge and the ruling was under SC/ST Act.

Justice Karnan, a Dalit judge is fighting against the corruption and caste discrimination in the judiciary system in India and he was harassed by so-called upper caste judges. Not only caste discrimination but Justice Karnan had raised the issue of sexual harassment by judges but his views are being ignored both by Brahminical courts and media.

Today, on 9th May 2017, Supreme Court sentenced Justice Karnan to six months imprisonment for contempt of court.  Today is Black Day for Judiciary. With due respect, we don’t agree with Supreme Court for imprisoning Justice Karnan for contempt – since when speaking the truth and against discrimination became a crime?

Supreme Court not only ordered 6 months imprisonment but ordered also that no media should cover the views of Justice Karnan!

Brahminical court of India is trying to make an example out of Justice Karnan who raised voice against the caste discrimination and corruption in the judiciary system in India. He would be the first sitting judge to be sentenced for speaking against the caste discrimination in courts.

Justice Karnan is mainly targeted because he is Dalit.

It is well known that Indian courts are dominated by Brahmins. There is a question does even Supreme Court has right to punish High Court Judge? Under Constitution except for Parliament, no one can punish High Court judge. Brahminical judges are going against the Constitution to punish Dalit judge and labeling him mentally not fit.

Brahminical Courts

Seven judge bench of Supreme Court had ordered him to go for the medical test earlier after he had raised the issue of corruption and caste discrimination, which clearly shows the sick mentality of brahminical courts that anyone who will speak against them, they will label him mentally not stable.

Time and again, Supreme Court has proven to be completely corrupt and utterly incompetent with statements like, “collective conscience….” Justice Karnan is a visionary and a radical judge for trying to expose the corrupt Supreme Court, and they want to imprison and silence him.

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From judgments on massacres by Hindus to Afzal Guru hanging, Supreme Court proved to be unfit. Now, draconian orders against Justice Karnan have proved that Dalit and minorities cannot get justice in India.

Ex Arunachal CM named corrupt sitting and retired Supreme Court judges in his suicide note. Many cases of corruption, land grab by Supreme Court judges. And when a Chief Justice speaks about corruption in Supreme Court and higher judiciary, the Supreme Court judges ridicule him, imprison him and then gag him.

Justice Karnan’s record is there for everyone to see. He is not the guiding light of justice. He did take on the corrupt system of the judiciary but the delight of all to ridicule and silence a Dalit judge, while worshipping the Brahmin-dominated Supreme Court is clear. Does caste trump free speech?

Liberal caste Hindus refuse to see their Supreme Court, their pathetic judges with the same scrutiny they use for Justice Karnan. It shows everything for caste Hindus is seen through the lens of purity. Liberal progressive purity?  Just like the pure supreme court judges.

Occasional liberal judgments following constitution are hailed by liberal media. Just occasionally follow rules and Supreme Court is worshiped. All the liberals and Hindu left will now be only worried about the free speech gag, and not the corruption and casteism of the higher judiciary.

There is only one judge in India who is fighting against the corrupt and system and Brahminical courts are trying to silence him. Brahminical courts and media work hand in hand so it was easier for Brahminical courts to put “gag order” on Justice Karnan.

If a Dalit judge is silenced by Brahminical media and court, one cannot even imagine the level of caste discrimination in India. Why can’t Justice Karnan speak to media? Why are Brahminical courts so afraid? We stand with Justice Karnan and won’t let you silence him.

Putting a gag order on Justice Karnan is the violation of fundamental human rights and right to express. Shame on Brahminical courts! So, this is how Brahminical courts make a decision – by not allowing the other person speaks?

Why is Supreme Court defensive over Justice Karnan’s accusations? He wants to debate and law to prevail but Supreme Court is acting according to the laws of Manusmriti.

– With inputs from Dalit Camera tweets

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