Nation Divided on Castes Cannot Stand and Walk, Forget Development


India is doing abysmally lower on the counts of human rights violations of the Dalits, tribals, and minorities. It is a strange situation of our country where we are planning to develop, our nation remains divided and those divisions are widening day by day.

A divided nation cannot stand, forget walking and running.

During the constitution of the constitution of India, it came to Babasaheb Ambedkar, whose people have been discriminated for many centuries and have been made powerless, by the discrimination to rescue this nation from the perpetual civil war. He hammered a political system that would lead to a united country. After 60 years, we are still trying to keep this country divided based on caste and religion, language and culture, north and south.

The RSS/BJP government is leaving no stone unturned to get investment from abroad. They have convinced the investors that the BJP Government will last till 2024 and a lot of money will flow in India in different sectors, but the money is going into the coffers of the established businesses mostly run by the Brahmins and Banias. The money will be used to strengthen the sectors which are competitive in the market.

The money is coming from all directions and a huge chunk of Chinese money is also coming into India. India will see a lot of investment in sectors which are saturated in the developed countries and also businesses which can give high yields like e-commerce. This is due to an inherent advantage in terms of emerging market that can be built on the population and the vastness of country’s resources.

However, judging by the history of economics, no economy can survive without a cohesive society. The inequality in the society handicaps the economy. In fact, inequality not only reduces the economic efficiency but also threatens the economic progress and hence it is very important that the focus of the government should be on how to remove social inequality and how to build up different constituencies of the citizens.

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In the current scene, the RSS/BJP is only increasing fissures which are already been widened by India’s caste system and communalism. The way Muslims are haunted and lynched is a very disturbing phenomenon. The way the Hindu Yuva Vahini (the Thakur Brigade) in UP are trying to harass the Dalits with a complete backing of the CM, Adityanath, who is the founder of this Hindu Yuva Vahini. It is an upper caste brigade which is trying to dominate the lower castes and minorities. The way BJP/RSS is trying to raise the issue of Ram Mandir is divisive agenda.

When the caste and communalism were not enough of the monster, the BJP/RSS ideologues are trying to create North and South divide. The northern belt remains a consolidated block as the Hindi belt and the Hindu ideologues have been an affront in pushing Hindi, Hindu, Hindustan onto much diverse and much progressive South Indian states. Thanks to India’s constitution that came up with this workable concept of federalism which keeps the states at par with each other without compromising the regional aspirations.

Author – Mangesh Dahiwale, Human Rights Activist

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    It’s not MERIT AND TALENT the privileged castes are after… is plain and simple GREED.
    THEY want everything all seats, all jobs .

    They think they are ENTITLED BY BIRTH TO TALK ABOUT BAD effects of RESERVATIONS .

    All fought the British, all took bullet on border but they have minimised all contribution. Total mockery.

    Why did MERIT AND TALENT “NOT” stop 100s of loots, incursions and invasions of this great land when their was NO RESERVATIONS FOR 5000 YEARS.

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