FABO UK Organised A Musical Tribute to Dr Ambedkar in the United Kingdom


To commemorate his 126th birth anniversary The Federation of Ambedkarite and Buddhist Organizations UK (FABO UK) organised a musical tribute to Bharat Ratna Dr Ambedkar on 24 April to mark his 126 birth anniversary at the Nehru Centre.

The musical portrayal titled ‘Sarnang’ by singer and lyricist Rajesh Dhabre and Dr Bhavana Dhabre on the life and works of Dr Bhimrao Ambedkar depicted his lifelong contribution to modern India and the human right movement. Rajesh is the Commissioner of Customs and Excise and Director General, of Babasaheb Ambedkar Research and Training Institute (BARTI), Maharashtra.  Rajesh has composed and produced four Albums since 2010 (Buddha Hi Buddha Hai, Buddha Hi Buddha Hai Part II, Siddharth: The Lotus Blossoms, and Sarang (2016). Rajesh has also written and directed the Plays: The Spirit of Humanity: Dr. Ambedkar, Chakravyu: The System,  Prakshobh, Sanket, Swarg Me Mantri, and Dhanda.

Dr Bhavana Dhabre is a Chairperson of Swayamdeep, Cultural & Educational Organisation, which promotes Buddhist and Ambedkarite cultural aspects by giving a   platform to those denied a chance in performing arts and education because of poverty.

In her welcoming speech, Santosh Dass MBE President of FABO UK said that a lot of work had gone through behind the scenes to organise the event. She was pleased that the Nehru Centre had accepted her proposal to hold a concert dedicated solely to Dr Ambedkar. She added, “Bharat Ratna Dr Ambedkar is internationally renowned as the chief architect of India’s Constitution, a jurist, a social reformer, a civil rights movement leader, a politician, an outstanding academic, an empowerer of women and a revivalist of Buddhism in India”. She thanked FABO members and volunteers for their help and especially the team India who came on our invitation. Vote of thanks was rendered by

Joint Secretary of FABO UK, Gautam Chakravarty. The music albums on Lord Buddha and Dr Ambedkar were presented to Vibha Kapoor, Deputy Director of the Nehru Centre, Ven. Bhikkhu Sadanand Mahathero Sanghnayaka, President of All India Bhikkhu Sangha and the members of FABO UK. On behalf of BARTI, Rajesh also presented Dr Ambedkar literature to the Nehru Centre for their library. Mr A.S Rajan, Minister for Coordination at the High Commission of India also attended the event.

  • Arun Kumar, General Secretary FABO UK
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A few photos from the musical tribute to Dr Ambedkar event by FABO UK –

Commemorating-Dr-Ambedkar_Vote-of-Thanks-by-Chakravarty-Gautam Dr Ambedkar event in UK Dr Ambedkar FABO event Commemorating-Dr-Ambedkar_4 (1) FABO UK London FABO UK Event FABO UK

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    I like Dhabre couple very much. Great respect for them. Please listen “Budhha hi Budhha he” written by Rajesh Dhabre and sung by Sonu Nigam. I loved both lyrics and the voice. Jai Bhim. Please make this couple famous since they never seek it, but their thoughts are great.

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