Qualification of Priests at Temples – Brahmins, Fat Tummies & Capacity to Eat 100s of Halwa-Puri?


It is no surprise that the only qualification required to become priests in Brahmin temples in India is to born into a Brahmin family. No one from so-called lower castes is allowed to become priests in Brahmin temples no matter how well versed or educated the so-called lower caste person is.

Dr Ambedkar had written in the Annihilation of Caste that

“It would be better if priesthood among Hindus were abolished. But as this seems to be impossible, the priesthood must at least cease to be hereditary.”

Has India listened to the advice of Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar? No, since ages Brahmins are enjoying 100% reservation in the Brahmin temples, earning millions every day! Most of the money earned by these Brahmin temples is used against Dalits and Muslims. They collect money from us and use it against us, we would be a fool to go and donate at such Brahminical places.

We had written earlier also that we don’t want even to go Brahmin temples but this 100% reservation that Brahmins enjoy in temples must end and there should be minimum qualification set for the becoming a Brahmin temple Priests. In Christianity or Buddhism, priests/monks get proper education and training before they start preaching but why can’t similar be applied to Brahminism (Hinduism)?

Dr Ambedkar had further noted in the Annihilation of Caste that

“Mentally a priest may be an idiot, physically a priest may be suffering from a foul disease such as syphilis or gonorrhea, and morally he may be a wreck. But he is fit to officiate at solemn ceremonies, to enter the sanctum sanctorum [holiest part] of a Hindu temple, and to worship the Hindu God. All this becomes possible among the Hindus because for a priest it is enough to be born in a priestly caste.”

Why have illiterate sons of Brahmin priority over the well educated Dalit in becoming a priest? Why cannot Dalit ever become a Shankaracharya? Go through the list of Shankaracharyas till now; can you see any other than Brahmin? No, you would not.

Real “Death of Merit” is when an illiterate son of Brahmin can become a priest of any temple but an educated Dalit can’t even enter in the temple.

There are many Dalits or other castes people who know Sanskrit verses better than Brahmins but would they ever be allowed to become Priests at Brahmin temples? No. Why? Till when Brahmins will keep on enjoying this 100% reservation in the Brahmin temples?

It is even beyond imagination that Brahminical forces will ever allow Dalits and other lower castes to become priests at Brahmin temples when almost every other day we hear the news that temple authorities ‘clean’ premises with Gangajal after Dalits entered.  Even in the village of Shivraj Chauhan, BJP CM in Madhya Pradesh, Dalits are no allowed to enter the temple.

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Is the qualification of becoming priests at Brahmin temples eating 100s of Halwa-puris and having fat tummies? We wonder because that is the only qualification that these Brahmin priests fulfil, no other qualification they fulfil anyways.

Tell us oh Brahmins! When was the last time you worked to earn your living? Till when you will live on begging? Why can’t you work? Oh, Brahmins! Tell us, how big is your potbelly that hasn’t filled from last 2000yrs of sitting idle and begging at temples?

Till when in India, at each and every corner these Brahmin shops will continue to operate with 100% reservation for Brahmins? Will Brahmin-Bania media ever talk about this 100% reservation of Brahmins in temples?

Dr Ambedkar had also written that

“Brahminism is the poison which has spoiled Hinduism. You will succeed in saving Hinduism if you will kill Brahminism.”

Hope Hindus will understand Dr Ambedkar one day and destroy Brahminism.

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