Why Is The RSS/BJP Government So Secretive?


The goal before the nation and the agenda in a broader form for India is set in the constitution of India. In India, the constitution is supreme, and nothing can be above it, whatever is above it, must be destroyed, and whatever is below it, must be ruled. Therefore, the RSS/BJP Government being the creation of the constitution must be run in accordance with the constitution. The constitution stipulates the broader principles upon which the policies can be drafted and executed. The constitution created three organs, but the most important of these three organs is the Parliament. Parliament is the highest policy making body. It is the place where the discussions must take place and policy decisions must be taken. In the era of technology, the debates in the houses of Parliaments are also televised so that the citizens can know what is being discussed, debated, and deliberated for their interest. It is the interest and welfare that drives the nation through its constitution.

In a few words, one can say that the policy making cannot be delegated to any other institution than the houses of Parliament. Policy making is the field of the Parliament and it has to be so if the democracy is to survive and flourish. However, as soon as the RSS/BJP came to the power, they disbanded the Planning Commission, though it was an extra-constitutional body, it was well supported by National Development Council (NDC) whose members were the chief ministers of all the states. It was represented by the states and their interests. There were also state commissions. All that was replaced overnight by a decree of the executive order. In place of Planning Commission, the Policy Commission came into being. It was a sudden decision. The decision which was not discussed in people’s council and in the state’s council.

Can there be an extra-constitutional body which can deliberate the policies? The answer is no. The highest and the only policy making body is the Parliament. It is true that the Government can time to time create institutions to run and execute the policies, but can the Government create institutions that will create the policies? No. The RSS/BJP Government alleged describes it as the Think Tank of the Government. It is important that the government should have its thinking device, a mechanism to think through complex policy issues and come out with a clear-cut policy. But the think tank of the Government is not the exclusive wing of a political party, the think tank of the Government is an inclusive body which is represented by the members from all parties that are represented in the houses of the Parliament.

Judging by this, the ultimate think tank is the Parliament itself. It can also be argued that sometimes the issues of policy are technical and it may need technical expertise to write a particular policy, but the technical analysis of the policy can be outsourced so that various options and differing views can be reflected in the draft policy, but the technical body has no power to pass it on its own. Everything must be discussed, scrutinized, and thought through in the people’s council and in the state’s council. The formation of the Policy Commission (Niti Ayog) is the gross betrayal of the citizens. The RSS/BJP government has secret agenda, it is an open secret that the RSS would like to continue hold of Brahmanised Hinduism on the people of India. This is their agenda and policy.

Niti Ayog or Policy Commission is now going to help the BJP led government in UP. It is going to draft the development plan for the UP. It is like the development policy of the state of UP will be run from the Prime Minister Office (PMO). The PMO is changed after the emergence of Modi, who is trying to run this country as if he is the President of this country, like the American President. India does not have a presidential form of democracy. The initiative to draft the development policy of the state of UP by an extra-constitutional body is the perversion of federalism in India. It is clear that the NITI Ayog is the party’s think tank; it is not people’s or state’s think tank.

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With an eye on consolidation of the electorate for the elections of 2019, the BJP needs to replicate its success in 2014 in UP. UP holds the largest cache of MPs. UP is the key to the power at the centre. In two years, anything can happen. Just like Modi emerged out of nowhere in 6 months, the democracy opens up many possibilities for many people. It is a matter of time and circumstances, but the RSS/BJP would like to keep its iron grip intact and if it has to be kept intact, it must be done in UP, and that is the reason the state of UP is directly run from the PMO.

The RSS/BJP government took the nation unaware by enacting the demonetization. In the secretly controlled information regime of the RSS/BJP, no institution in India, including RBI, is not able to tell even the Parliament as to how much money was finally deposited in the banks. What happened to all the promises given by the Government when it enacted that draconian move. What happened to the black money? What happened to the terror money? What is the net gain or loss of demonetization? What is the collateral damage? No one knows. It has become just a speculative exercise for the citizens. If the Government is to be run on speculations and brahminical idiocy, the citizens are bound to suffer.

How long the RSS/BJP can go on creating false scenarios to fool the Bahujan at large is a question that must be met head on, else the media campaign and ability to hack machines will continue this secret regime which will create an authoritarian state in India. It will be a doom for India’s majority.

Author – Mangesh Dahiwale, Human Rights Activist

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