Need To Create an Alternate Mulnivasi-Bahujan Culture


“The history of India is nothing but a history of a mortal conflict between Buddhism and Brahminism”- Dr. B R Ambedkar

This statement of Babasaheb Ambedkar has far wider connotation than just signifying the fight between two systems of Indian society. In a more diverse context, the statement can be implied as a battle between two social systems. One which is based on Chaturvarnya, Varnashram dharma, Manusmriti, casteism, patriarchy, oppression, graded inequality between different groups and classes- Brahminism. And second one which is based on liberty, equality, justice, fraternity, compassion, humanity, peace and common brotherhood which includes not just Buddhism but all the ideologies/systems that were non-brahminical and egalitarian in nature such as Indus Valley Civilization, Jainism, Ajivaks, Shraman culture, Sikhism, Satya shodhaks and teachings of Charvaka, Samrat Ashoka, Saint Kabir, Saint Ravidas, Basaveshwar Maharaj, Narayana guru, Jijau, Shivaji Maharaj, Sambhaji Maharaj, Phule couple, Gadge baba, Tukdoji Maharaj, Periyar, and many more. The second type can be together clubbed as the Bahujan culture. [1]

Mediums which perpetuate the Brahminical culture in India:

It is no secret that whole of the Indian subcontinent is dominated by Brahmin-Savarnas. Civil society, academia, government institutions, religious institutions, print and electronic media and of course private institutions, businesses are their hubs of dominance. The controls of what the masses see, hear, read reside with the Brahmin-Savarnas.


Bahujan writings have been carefully neglected and omitted from our schools, colleges, textbooks, media by the perpetrators of Brahminism. The Brahmin discourses such as Vedas, Smritis, Upanishads, Puranas, Bhagavad Geeta are widely quoted and taught everywhere. Characters based on written epics and mythology such as Ram, Krishna, Pandavas are glorified and seen upon as champions of valor and courage which is far from the truth. Most ignorant people (including many history teachers themselves) in fact believe these mythologies as true history!

If seen from the historical point of view, these mythological treatises are the best source of studying rampant inequality practiced in those times (for example how Dronacharya asked Eklavya to cut off his thumb because he was shudra and the Shudras could not wield arms). The entire Indian mythology is a propaganda mechanism for spreading brahminical ideas in the minds of the masses.


The same practices which were used by the Brahmin-Savarnas to defeat the Bahujans were celebrated and turned into festivals of today. This has been systematically done to distract the masses from original facts behind such celebrations. Through such festivals, even Bahujans end up celebrating their own defeats. Although again most festivals are actually based on mythology, they are used as a symbolic tool to celebrate Brahmin victory over Bahujans. For example, Holi celebrates the killing of Bahujan king Hiranyakashyipu and his sister Holika by Vishnu, Dussehra/Diwali for celebrating Ram defeating the asura king Ravana, Rakshabandhan which celebrates male patriarchy as defined in the Manusmriti. [2]

Movies/TV shows:

Audiovisual media is the most effective form of influencing masses. Bollywood, small screen industry, and news channels are hubs of Brahmin-Savarna dominance. Circulation of Brahminical values is rampant through these means (for example, most scenes of court are shown as the witness searing on the Geeta rather than the constitution). Every channel has at least one show related to aforementioned mythology.

Moreover, all main characters in movies and shows have upper caste surnames, are fair skinned and extremely “sanskari” and “cultured”. The entire plot revolves around lives of upper castes incentivising patriarchy along the way. If lower caste people are shown, they are found to be doing menial jobs such as being servants, gardeners, peons but never as a well educated and having a higher standard of living. Which is another way of showing that the lower castes should stick to their caste-determined jobs and that the status-quo of Brahmin_savarnas should not be challenged?

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A very disturbing trend in kids’ cartoon channels is again the portrayal of mythological stories related to Arjuna, Krishna, Rama, Bheem where they are shown as the perfect kids excelling in every field. But these too are used to inculcate Brahminical values. The clearest example of this is a cartoon show called “Roll no. 21” [3] where Krishna is shown as a school kid who is very smart and has magical powers which he uses against his evil, cruel, extremely bad school principal. And the name of this school principal is “Kanishk”! Now, it is a historical fact that Kanishk was a king of the Kushan dynasty during the Shak era and he was a Buddhist follower. Imagine the brainwashing of kids that begins right from their childhood years. Subconsciously they perceive Brahminical victory over the Bahujans. This assimilation of history and mythology also creates confusion. It is a very harmful conspiracy being created to imprint Brahminical ideology in such impressionable minds!

These are but a few examples of how the Brahminical culture is hammered on the masses day in and day out. Such hammering constantly creates anti-Bahujan sentiments and spreads Brahminical values knowingly or unknowingly. Even Bahujan households are not spared from its clutches. Bahujan kids are also brainwashed since the moment they have an access to mainstream media.

There is, thus, a need to create an alternate Bahujan culture. A culture which is BY the Bahujans, FOR the Bahujans and OF the Bahujans. A culture which could replace the BRAHMINICAL MYTHOLOGY with true BAHUJAN HISTORY. This culture should be inclusive of all Bahujan elements, be it the tribal culture, north-east Indian culture, which are entirely diverse in and of themselves.

“They cannot make history who forget history”.[4]

This can be done first and foremost by UNLEARNING what we have been taught all these years by the mainstream sources of information. Developing a critical and skeptical attitude towards perceiving information can go a long way to understanding the systems of the country. Cultivating Mulnivasi-Bahujan ideology among young children and explaining to them the importance of teachings of our Bahujan masters is a crucial target. Bahujan literature, writings, songs, poems, articles, need to be given exposure on every platform. Bahujan festivals and traditions have to be celebrated widely with pomp. Achievements of successful Bahujans need to be given maximum publicity as it helps to create inspiration among Bahujan masses. Bahujan art and creativity need to be encouraged. Most importantly, a parallel media of Bahujans has to be created to give voice to the unprivileged, marginalized, oppressed sections of the society which would be inclusive and a safe haven for the Bahujans. Social media is one of the biggest assets of our times which can be harnessed to give a broad platform to every person. “Men are mortal. So are ideas. An idea needs propagation as much as a plant needs watering. Otherwise, both will wither and die.”[5]

The creation of such a counter-culture would in long run lead to a counter-revolution of Mulnivasi Bahujans in India. Let’s all be a little more assertive and reclaim our country!


1 Bahujan/Mulnivasi Bahujan (Indigenous majority), includes all Scheduled castes, Scheduled tribes, Other Backward Classes, ethnic minorities (from North-East India), Pasmanda Muslims, lower caste Christians, lower caste Sikhs.

2 “Since women are not capable of living independently, she is to be kept under the custody of her father as child, under her husband as a woman and under her son as widow.” -Manusmriti: 9/3

3 Link of Description of Roll no. 21:

4 Quote by Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar.

5 Quote by Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar.

Author – Aboli Nimbalkar, BA Final Year Student

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  1. 1
    Sanjay Kumar Mali

    It’s really very knowledgeable articles for our Bahujan people I have read every day your post by getting by notification it really gives the satisfaction for society. I request to you please be start a VELIVADA Hindi version.

    • 2

      Thank you so much for subscribing to the notifications and the comment. We will try in future to bring more posts in Hindi also. Stay tuned!

  2. 3
    Amit kumar

    It is a knowledgeable to read here revolutionary articles abaut mulnivasi bahujan historic facts and many more things that are useful to the bahujan people.

  3. 5

    Our culture is Buddhism, Our celebration must be like Buddhism, there must be follow of knowledge, peace, harmony, & submission of ourselves in Understanding Buddhism.
    At that, moment only we will succeed.

  4. 7

    The Article is nice…, i find this need very much appropriate & important. I know when Braminical festival come most of our family members (Men, women, boys & girls), are eager to celebrate it, because they look attractive & most of our neighbor celebrate it with attractive light, Sweets & new clothes. We all know such festivals don’t have any moral point of view.
    Much time i realize, that we must celebrate our festivals, like Buddha Jayanti, Samrat Ashok Jayanti, Sant Kabira Jayanti, Sant Tukaram Jayanti, Shivaji Maharaj Jayanti….with Peace & Harmony…without harming our nature. & world should watch this festival.
    Recent, i am looking at Dr. Babasaheb Jayanti, but i am not happy with kind of celebration people make. It just looks like Ganpati festival. There is no follow of knowledge, peace, & Harmony in that festival.

    • 8

      We agree that Dalit-Bahujans should celebrate festivals in a way of spreading awareness among our community. Educate and help Dalit-Bahujans in their fights for justice and equality. We also don’t like the way some Congress leaders in Madhya Pradesh washed Dr Ambedkar’s statue with milk. It is just a wastage and not they way Dr Ambedkar’s jayanti should be celebrated.

  5. 10
    Harishchandra Sukhdeve

    Buddha is the first Revolutionary of the world who fought against exploitation and Discrimination by powerful and established classes /castes. He was defeated by Counter Revolution of Brahmanical culture using Buddha’s own God-like stature to misguide Bahujans who all were followers of the Buddha.
    The renaissance of Buddhism as rediscovered by Babasaheb can only fight the misguided Hinduism of Mulnivasi and Bahujans.

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