Baahubali – A Casteist Movie From Casteist Director Who Said Untouchables Are Parasite


In his casteist post on Facebook, Baahubali director S S Rajamouli writes –

We learnt The Caste system from Manusmrithi was based on our lifestyle and not by birth. Mr. Prasad, A gentleman whom I play tennis with, told me a better expansion.

Panchama Jaathi (Untouchables) One who depends on others for his living. (Parasite)

Sudra One who lives for himself and his family.

Vysya One who makes profit for himself as well as for the person with whom he is trading with.

Kshatriya One who eats after the people under him have eaten.

Brahmin One who first learns and then teaches.


Baahubali director S S Rajamouli needs to come out of his cocoon and see the reality, who is really working and who are the parasites.

Caste groups those never did any work or are sitting in temples and begging are praised and Dalits who are working hard are labelled as “Parasite”.

Brahmins live on begging and since ages, they are sitting in temples and have made begging their profession. What have they taught to others? What is their contribution? Nothing.

An illiterate son of Brahmin can become a pujari at whichever temple he wants to but an educated Dalit can’t.

It’s the Dalit-Bahujans who are working in the factories, ploughing the fields and cleaning the streets not so-called upper castes especially Brahmins who are sitting idle and begging in temples.

If Manusmriti taught Baahubali director SS Rajamouli that Caste System was based on lifestyle, not by birth then how many Brahmins have become Dalit ever? Why is the caste of a child decided when he/she is born? This is lie and propaganda spread by Manuwadis that caste system was based on lifestyle/work etc but reality is different. How many educated Dalits have become Brahmins?

Will ever a Dalit who holds a PhD be treated as par with illiterate Brahmin? No. Isn’t it a reality of India?

Baahubali director S S Rajamouli’s casteist post is deeply offensive and casteist statements in which so-called lower castes are demonised and so-called upper castes are glorified.

Almost same casteist and racist mindset Rajamouli brought into his Baahubali series.

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In the first part of Baahubali series, the sick director did his best to present dark skin people as villains (Kalakeyas) and perpetuated stereotypes in the society that how dark skin is associated to bad.  Brahmins and Kshatriyas are shown light skinned and are given lead hero roles. Those who are shown as dark skin are the Mulnivasi of this country and director has done mischief to show them as villains and rakshaks.

Both parts of Baahubali movie try its best to establish the Aryan supremacy.

Presenting so-called lower castes as dirty and dark and villains is what Brahminical media does all the times. There is a strong need to create an alternative Bahujan culture.

Same casteist and racist nature of movie continue in the second part of Baahubali movie also. Brahminical rituals are promoted and at many occasions, different characters talk about the “Dharma of the Kshatriya” and glorify the position of Kshatriyas. Movie Baahubali promotes not only fake rituals but also Aryan supremacy and promotes Manusmriti.

What an irony that even after dividing India into thousands of castes so-called Brahmins are still considered patriots and glorified, such a shame.

Brahminical rituals are promoted and at many occasions, different characters talk about the “Dharma of the Kshatriya” and glorify the position of Kshatriyas. Movie Baahubali promotes not only fake rituals but also Aryan supremacy and promotes Manusmriti.

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  1. 1
    Dalit Shukra

    My apologies for the following typo in my original posting:
    “Jo Jati Nahin Hai Voh Jai Hai”
    should have obviously read
    “Jo Jati Nahin Hai Voh Jati Hai”

  2. 2
    Dalit Shukra

    Rajamouli is clearly casteist. He uses his friend Mr Prasad as a shield and to confuse matters even further. Then there are the upper caste apologists who have commented above and who try to muddy the water even further. Manu’s theory of the original four varnas splitting into numerous jatis or castes is clearly a fiction as it did not accord with known reality – you do not need to read Dr B R Ambedkar to know that, many scholars of the caste system have said exactly that. Varnashankara theory of Manu is a fiction. Manu made the whole thing up in order to justify and explain caste. If you read Ambedkar on this subject, you can see that Babasaheb also had a subtle sense of humour-he was a barrister after all. Criticising Manu’s theory that a Chandal, whom Manu called ‘bastard’, was the offspring of a Brahmin mother and a Sudra father Babasaheb logically wrote something similar to the lines “Even if every Brahmin woman was the mistress of every Sudra man…”!
    “Jo Jati Nahin Hai Voh Jai Hai” – now why do we have this saying in India when in fact original jati was not based on birth and fictitious karma in the previous birth?
    You upper caste commentators with merit, please do some reading before commenting. Otherwise, you will simply shoot yourselves in the foot. Such a sad sight.

  3. 3
    Jason Joseph

    I agree that the Indians should be converted under the Hindutva brigade (for you have the power now to convert, which you feel or think the Britishers or the Muslim Kings were doing it), forget the sacrifices of other religions for the Independence. One thing that nags me is, when the Christians or Muslims or Buddhists are invited into the Ghar Wapsi scheme, will the shudras or the untouchables who got converted to C – M – B will again be called as untouchables or shudras or they will be given the status symbol of high castes Brahmins. Will these shudras be openly told to marry any boy or girl of high caste if he/she falls in love, or the caste factor will come into play at that time. I am confused. Please guide me my fellow Indians. See we love our country, pay our taxes and have our family contributing as Indian soldiers for the defence of our motherland. Religion is an issue where you cannot touch us.

    • 4
      Kenneth Arul

      In Principal, Guntur Medical College v V.Y. Mohan Rao, Justice P.N. Bhagwathi had held that, “It is for the members of the caste to decide whether or not to admit a person within the caste. Since the caste is a social combination of persons governed by its rules and regulations, it may, if its rules and regulations so provide, admit a new member just as it may expel an existing member.”

      Furthermore, he cites another judgement rendered by a Brahmin judge in 1940.

      as pointed out by Krishnaswami Ayyanger, J. in Durgaprasada Rao v. Sudarsanaswami AIR 1940 Mad 513 “in matters affecting the well-being or composition of a caste, the caste itself is the supreme judge” (emphasis supplied). It will, therefore, be seen that on conversion to Hinduism, a person born of Christian converts would not become a member of the caste to which his parents belonged prior to their conversion to Christianity, automatically or as a matter of course, but he would become such member, if the other members of the caste accept him as a member and admit him within the fold.

      So, a reconvert can only merge himself into a caste which ratifies his memberships according to their own set of archaic, discriminatory, oppressive set of casteist rules. In other words, the Supreme Court of India has honourably endorsed these casteist associations and given them legal legitimacy to carry out their casteist functions.


  4. 5

    Bahubali is problematic in so many ways. The most glaring symbol is that of the Shackles around Kattapa’s neck throughout the movie. Thus it goes beyond caste system to endorsing slavery. And in the movie, the looting ‘Pindaris’ were tribal-like whereas historically the Pindaris were supposed to be supported by the “patriotic” Marathas as they looted the rest of India- the maratha support for Pindaris in fact resulted in their war against the British.

  5. 6

    When you seek alms outside a temple , that is called ” PICHAI” i.e.begging.But inside the temple , Brahmins take alms from within the sanctum sanctorum right royally and it is called “DAKSHINAI.” Corruption is systematised in temples.

  6. 7
    Vaibhav somkumar

    I knew the film Bahubali is castiest film, even when I watched the first within few minutes I recognised this film is truly base on caste system. Whenever kattappa used to say we are from the caste and blah blah. I watched the second part not because I want to know who killed the bahubali and etc. Well, the film’s vfx feels really like any other game from EA Company. Yes, the film is castiest and and shows how fairness is beautiful.

  7. 8
    राजीव सोमकुवर

    चलो बुद्ध की ओर !
    जयभीम! जय प्रबुद्ध भारत!!
    – डॉ बाबासाहेब आंबेडकर
    राष्ट्र निर्माता.
    इस देशको जाती की दलदल से बाबासाहेब के विचारोसे ही निकला जा सकता है। जाति मुक्त भारत बन सकता है।
    राष्ट्र निर्माण कर सकते है।
    वोह कोई भी हो। कुछ भी हो।
    जो जाति में पैदा होता है, वह जातिमे ही मरता है
    मरने के बाद भी जात उसे छोडती नही।

  8. 9


    You have responded superbly to the sick Hindu minds, for which there is no treatment of their casteist mind, it is a congenital disease,100% of India, irrespective of religion suffer from it.

  9. 11

    There is also another casteist director, Shankar. He always glorifies the brahmin caste. He just like Rajamouli has no special talent other than copying and remaking foreign language movies on a lavish budget.

  10. 12

    Asshole u don’t know what u are talking about.
    Which pujari of today’s world earns and who the bloody hell told u only Dalits work in factories..don’t share such bullshit articles without any concrete knowledge.

    • 13

      First of all, mind your language and don’t show your Brahminical culture of abusing others.

      We don’t see any Brahmin working in coal mines or in fact in any factory in India. Most of the workers in fields, factories, mines are from so-called lower caste not Brahmins.

      Brahmins are sitting in temples and begging, no? How many lower castes people are sitting in temples?

  11. 14

    Wonderful! Picked up something he said 5 years back just because he is now popular all over India, (thanks to the awesome movie he made). Stop doing these cheap tricks for publicity! Looks really bad!! If you deny it, why state bahubali director multiple times in the blog?? This wasn’t even his opinion anyway! People are just outright ridiculous.

  12. 16

    Whoever wrote the post is out of his mind.
    What you wrote in he post is exactly what rajamouli said, that caste is not based on birth but by lifestyle. Do read it. Man you are ridiculous.

    • 17

      You should read it again, castes are not based on lifestyle but are based on birth. My caste was decided when I was born and it is the case with every Indian.

        • 20

          You must not even consume the food grown by the sudras/working class in the fields, you must not consume cow milk given by Gwalas, you should not call a bhangi to clean your clogged sandaz/toilet, you have to put your own hand into that dirty shit hole & clean it, you should not ask the safai katmacharis to clean the huge mass of Kacharas raised in your towns & cities & you must sweep your own roads, why wear the footwares stitched by the chammars, you have to walk bare foot & not to mention cover yourselves with leaves not wear the clothes woven by Naikers.

  13. 21
    Apoorv Garg

    The only meaning that can be derived from what Rajamouli quoted is that the hereditary caste system as practiced for centuries is not what is advocated in Manusmriti. It implies that Mr. Rajamouli and Prasad also consider the prevalent caste system as evil and that it should be done away with. However, that simple thing must be hard to see through green-tinted glasses.

    • 22

      Manusmriti advocates caste system based on hereditary and there is no other meaning. Such a sick system should be dismantled as soon as possible if India wants to progress.

  14. 23

    Without knowing anything about varnashrma Dharma, he commented on it.Surely it creates bad image on him.He will not realise the consequences of his saying. Really i felt proud of him about his film”Bahubali”.But now,I feel ashame on him for publicly posted his comments.

    • 24

      Would making such casteist comments in private be okay? No.

      It shows the how deep caste discrimination is in India.

  15. 25
    Harishchandra Sukhdeve

    Why blame Rajamauli. It is his Tennis playing friend Mr. Prasad who put that venomous concept in his mind.
    Had Rajamauli tried to know on his own rather than merely believe on his friend, he would have understood the reality.

    • 26

      He is equally responsible, being at the top position increases the responsibility. He should have read and studied more before making some rubbish movies and vomiting venom on social media. The problem is not only with him but the whole society that is in grip of Brahminism.

    • 27
      Ranganathan Narayanan

      But he never said dalits are parasites. He clearly says people become lowest caste by being parasite and specifically not being born in a particular caste

      • 28

        Hmm, which part of his comments convey what you are saying? What is your motive behind defending a casteist person? Are you also a casteist person? Read his comments again.

      • 29

        Mr ranganathan, i respect your comments but i wish to ask you… So… According to this, i am self independent and support myself financially, i am not dependent on anyone so am i not a shudra anymore? Answer is No. I am born a shudra. And the caste system says if i am born a shudra i will be a shudra all this birth i.e until i die. I will not be allowed to perform yadnas and recite the vedas and some parts of india not even allowed to enter the temple or drink from a particular well even though i am vice president of a well known company that probably paid for that well under the CSR project and even though i earn millions per year And that’s SS Rajmouli’s comment is wrong. Please understand i don’t have personally anything against anyone. The question is about what is factually correct.

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