What Happened to 84,000 Stupas/Viharas Built By Samrat Ashoka?


If you wonder where have the 84,000 ancient Buddhist Viharas, Stupas, Chaityas built by Samrat Ashoka disappeared, the answer lies in following pictures. This is a current sad state of the famous Karla Caves, off the old Mumbai-Pune highway near Lonavala. This world class ancient cultural heritage of India is destroyed by erecting a temple right in front of the most beautiful Chaitya hall. The importance of the Buddhist caves is totally lost. The place has got converted into a pilgrimage center of the certain goddess.

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This is what we have witnessed all over India that at every nook and corner of India, some Brahminical idols are placed on the street corners and every public place and slowly and slowly Manuwadi people take over that land and then start collecting money and running their business. They have mastered the techniques of misguiding the people and turning real Dalit-Bahujan history places into their shops in the name of God.

This is how all the Buddhist monuments/Buddha Viharas have been appropriated and converted into temples across India over the period.

The book by K. Jamanadas “Tirupati Balaji was a Buddhist Shrine” proves Tirupati Temple as a Buddhist Shrine.  The claim put forth by the author on Lord Tirupati Balaji as a Buddhist Shrine is based on sound theory and the evidence approved and accepted by the academicians.

It is no wonder that so-called upper castes who wrote the history by depriving so-called lower castes of the right to education have written history in a way that satisfies their motives and intentions to keep ruling over the masses.

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So-called upper castes are trying hard to appropriate Dalit-Bahujans history, Dr. Ambedkar, Buddha, Guru Ravidas and almost all Dalit-Bahujan heroes. Wasting tons of milk on Dr. Ambedkar statue by Congress workers, presenting Dr. Ambedkar as anti-Muslim, Buddha as an avatar of Vishnu and Guru Ravidas as a follower of Ramananda are a few such cases where so-called upper castes are trying to distort the history and present fake information to the masses. So, in the same way, slowly and slowly all those 84,000 ancient Buddhist Viharas, Stupas, Chaityas built by Samrat Ashoka were converted to either Brahminical worship places or were destroyed.

If you want to destroy a society, destroy its History and the society will get destroyed automatically – Dr. Ambedkar

Unfortunately, they are succeeding in their motives as they control the all the media in India.

Bodh Gaya is under the control of so-called upper castes despite it being a Buddhist place.  A few months ago, at one the Buddha Viharas in Mumbai, some so-called upper castes had installed the idol of Ganesha replacing the head of Buddha with Ganesha head, which led to FIR but we are unaware of whether any action was taken against the culprits or not. All these instances are just a fraction of the cases where Dalit-Bahujans are denied their real history by Manuwadi forces.

Buddha's Body and Gensha's Head Idol at Buddha Viharas

Buddha’s Body and Gensha’s Head Idol at Buddha Vihara?

I have seen even in Islamic countries like Jordan and Lebanon the remains of ancient Roman cities are being preserved and protected by the state but in India, the real history and culture is being destroyed in the name of mythical gods and goddesses.

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History is crucial as it explains how society developed but by erasing Dalit history the masses have been denied the right to know the truth. Knowing how problems were created leads to an understanding of how to solve those problems. Without knowing real history one can’t solve problems efficiently. Not understanding the significance of important historical events is dangerous! We need everyone on the same page in order to create meaningful dialogue to address critical issues pertaining to Dalit-Bahujans. Dalit-Bahujans who understand the value of history must come forward to save Buddhist Viharas and protect the real history for the coming generations.

Author – Jayant Pathri and Velivada Team

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  1. 1

    why do you want to spread hatred ?The ganesha idol is not from any buddh vihar but one of the ganesha pandals during ganesha festival.There is a tradition in mumbai to present lord ganesha in various forms right from krishna,saibaba, buddha to doctor ,lawyer or astronaut!! it is just an artistic approach and nothing to do with caste. Don’t forget that hindus also consider lord buddha as tenth avatar of vishnu.I am sure this particular pandal must be organised by some dalits to offer prayers in their own way.
    people have completely refused the communal forces like you in the recent elections but you haven’t learnt a lesson !!

    • 2

      Since when talking about the reality became spreading hatred? No, Buddha was not 10th or 11th avatar of Vishnu. Buddha was just Buddha!

  2. 3

    Can’t we involve UN Based organisations into this matters???, especially what happen in mumbai the head of ganesh was fixed by some chants.

  3. 5
    Harishchandra Sukhdeve

    There is this book titled ‘Ashoka, the search for India’s lost Emperor’ written by Allen Charles.
    It describes so eloquently how India’s Vedic-Brahmin historians used their monopoly to erase the legacy of Buddha and Ashoka. How, Buddha was made believed to have come from Ethiopia and Ashoka, the king Piyadassi of Cylon. They would have been lost for ever, but for Ashoka’s rock/pillar edicts and their deciphering by James Prinsep.
    The Brahmins and even Bahujan under the spell of them are attempting to continue to undermine/encroach upon Buddhist sites, institutions even now.

  4. 6

    We need to identify these places and reclaim them. The Beneficiaries of Ambedkarite thought should be made aware of the plot by ‘Hindutva” and also take part of confronting it with every probable means. The first thing in this process is the keep away these forces from power in 2019. At least Dalits and deprived people should come together in their dominant Constituencies.

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