[Photos] Dr Ambedkar Statue Installed at the Brandeis University, Boston, USA


Dr B. R Ambedkar’s bust was unveiled at prestigious Brandeis University, Boston, the USA on 29th April 2017. Dr Ambedkar statue at the Brandeis University adds another chapter in the Dalit history.

It was one of the proud moments for all the Ambedkarites when Babasaheb Ambedkar’s bust was installed in Brandeis University library. It is the 2nd Babasaheb Ambedkar’s bust in the USA. There is already one Dr Ambedkar’s bust at the Columbia University, Dr Ambedkar’s alma mater. The bust for the Brandeis University was gifted by Boston Study Group which is a small group of Ambedkarites in Boston area.

Dalit-Bahujans around the world are striving hard to spread Dr Ambedkar’s ideology but at home in India, the present government is suppressing the voice of the Dalits. When the whole world is recognising Dr Ambedkar, we continue to hear news about Dr Ambedkar statue vandalised in different places in India.

Dr. Ambedkar’s followers were putting up statues of him in slums and villages even when he was alive but the first official statue of Dr. Ambedkar was set up in 1962, in Mumbai (Bombay) at the Institute of Science crossing. And then came the moment when Dalits started asserting and in 1966, Dr. Radhakrishnan (President of India) inaugurated Dr. Ambedkar’s statue in the Parliament building complex (New Delhi). In Uttar Pradesh, one research study shows that the very first Dr. Ambedkar statue was installed with the contribution of Dalits in around 1966 on the outskirts of Allahabad, and Dalits of Kanpur didn’t take much time to install another statue on the same lines. We must not forget that many installations of Dr. Ambedkar’s statues were opposed by upper caste people with stone pelting or boycotts but Dalits showed courage and didn’t move back. Dalits knew that statues of Dalit idols will stand as a major feature in the Dalit-Bahujan movement. And in all those statues Dr. Ambedkar will stand aloft. How can we forget the struggle and sacrifice of our forefathers? With another Dr Ambedkar statue in the USA, it will definitely give another necessary push to Dalit-Bahujans movement.

Last year, the first Dr Ambedkar Statue was installed in the heart of central Europe, Hungary. Dr Ambedkar’s thoughts and teachings are spreading throughout the world and people around the world are taking inspiration from the legend. We hope more and more such statues are installed throughout the world and people continue to take inspiration from the Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar.

Congratulations to everyone involved in the installing the Dr Ambedkar statue at the Brandeis University, Boston, USA.

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100 years ago on 2nd June (1915) Dr Ambedkar got M.A. degree from Columbia University  

Tribute to Dr Ambedkar at Columbia University (USA)

Here are a few pictures from the celebration and pictures of the Dr Ambedkar statue unveiling at the Brandeis University, Boston, USA.

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Dr Ambedkar Statue at USA

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