IIT Mains Topper, Kalpit Veerwal, “Doesn’t Look Like Dalit” – People Searching His Caste


Many times you might also have heard that – caste doesn’t matter, talent does. We disagree. Caste matters in India in all spheres of life. People in India ask others about their caste before they even shake hands and go out for a dinner!

Recently a Dalit student, Kalpit Veerwal, aged 17 topped IIT Mains examination with perfect score – 360/360 – and so-called upper castes cannot digest the news that a Dalit has scored perfect marks. They are busy searching about the caste of Kalpit Veerwal and to which category he belongs.

Some users on social media even started discussions on whether he looks like Dalit or not saying “he doesn’t look like Dalit”.

Caste Matters - Kalpit Veerwal

“Doesn’t Look Like Dalit!”

How do Dalits look like? Do Dalits have horns? Gone are the days when so-called upper castes could force so-called lower castes to wear torn clothes, broom on the back and pot on the neck. Gone are those days and never to come. Sooner so-called upper castes understand this, better for them.

There are another lot of so-called upper castes who is complaining that Dalit word should not be mentioned along with Kalpit Veerwal’s name and by mentioning Dalit, it is spreading casteism.

This lot also cannot digest the news that a Dalit can become a topper. Why mention Dalit? Because as we said in beginning caste matters in all spheres of life. Why was the Brahminical government of India spending crores on proving that Rohith Vemula was not Dalit? Caste matters. Since when talking about caste became spreading casteism? This is the same sick mentality that Brahminical media propagates when some Dalit student commits suicide after harassment at university, his caste is mentioned in headlines but when some Dalit becomes a topper they try their best to hide the caste then. Why? Do these people even understand the concept of caste and casteism?

The problem for so-called upper castes is not why people are discussing IIT Mains topper’s caste, the problem is they cannot digest a Dalit becoming a topper.

If caste doesn’t matter then, why people are the busy searching caste of IIT Mains topper? Many are searching about the caste of Kalpit Veerwal and landing on Velivada website. The Same trend was noticed when last year Tina Dabi, Dalit girl, became IAS topper.

Here are the screenshots of top 10 search results those led to Velivada website in last 3 days, since the result of IIT Mains was declared. Notice how many are related to caste and the trend is same almost every time any Dalit achieves something.

Kalpit Veerwal

Top 10 Search Terms Those Led People to Velivada Website on 27th April 2017

Top 10 Search Terms Those Led People to Velivada Website on 28th April 2017

Top 10 Search Terms Those Led People to Velivada Website on 28th April 2017

Top 10 Search Terms Those Led People to Velivada Website on 29th April 2017

Top 10 Search Terms Those Led People to Velivada Website on 29th April 2017

Here are top suggestions Google showing when one types, Kalpit Veerwal a Dalit and Chitraang Murdia, non-SC/ST/OBC. Top suggestions on Google are based on the things/words people are searching for. Can you see something strange?



When searched in Google India Trends about “Kalpit Veerwal”, top related topic Google is showing is “Caste”, another proof that Indians are busy searching about Caste of IIT Mains topper.

So, to say talent matters and caste doesn’t is hypocrisy and closing your eyes on the caste realities. It would be better for India and Indians that we start accepting that caste is a problem. Accepting would be the first step towards the solution.

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  1. 1

    Congrats, great..really true castism existing in India.it is deep routed, it is really difficult for Dalits to survive in upper positions even today I guess.

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    congratulations kalpit,
    All indians are proud of you. you have broke all the records of IIT/JEE Mains.we hope that you will make proud to our country. you have set an history. you have inspired all the students who will appear for IIT/JEE Mains in future.

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