Ambedkar International Mission Celebrated Dr Ambedkar Jayanti in New York (USA)



126th Birth Anniversary of Dr.B.R.Ambedkar

Pedro Albizu Campos Public School, New York, U.S.A

22nd April 2017

Ambedkar International Mission (AIM)‐ USA paid tribute to Dr Babasaheb Amedkar on his 126th Birth anniversary on Saturday, April 22, 2017, at the venue Pedro Albizu Campos Public School in the New York city. The one-day event was planned to bring out the multi‐faceted personality of Dr.B.R.Ambedkar through speeches by distinguished scholars along with spectacular cultural activities performed by NRI Amedkarite community members from across the United States of America. Nearly hundred plus attendees were present on the day. Families from all corners of USA graced this occasion.

The speakers participated in the event were distinguished Scholars/academicians/activists associated with the Ambedkarite movement. Distinguished academicians from high ranking institutions such as Harvard University, RIDER University and Tata Institute of Social Science (TISS), Mumbai, presented their thoughts on Dr Ambedkar and his struggle.

Dr Usha Nayar, Senior Professor and (fmr.) Provost at Tata Institute of Social Sciences, in her introductory speech, highlighted the relevance of Ambedkar’s thought in today’s times and why Dr. Ambedkar should be revered as a universal leader and crusader of social justices and equality. Mr Suraj Yengade, Harvard University Scholar and known columnist at The Huffington Post and The Indian Express, in his speech “Cultural Revolution of the Love Loving Folks” highlighted the importance of bringing Amedkarite movement to the masses and in the mainstream media using and creating a unique cultural identity. Mr Biju Matthew, an Associate professor with RIDER University noted in his speech that world and civil society needs to follow Dr. Ambedkar’s thoughts in a contemporary political situation to tackle oppression of a marginalized segment of society. AIM‐USA also announced award to academician Prof. Andrew Lamas, the University of Pennsylvania for his contribution in propagating Babasaheb’s thoughts in the university curriculum.

Along with intellectually stimulating and thought provoking speeches, the celebratory tone of the birth anniversary was set by the cultural events organised by the Ambedkar International Mission Cultural Team. AIM Cultural Team paid tribute to Babasaheb with “Sajari bhim Jayanti karu” performed by Ladies and followed by spectacular participation of all the kids coming on the stage dressed in various historical reformist figures.

The day culminated with Ambedkar International Mission founder Mr. Raju Kamble’s closing remark, addressing ever more required efforts by Amedkarites, reformist, activists and likeminded people all over the world to  keep agitating against caste oppression and social injustice while being mindful of the fact that as Dr. Ambedkar is icon of social change should not be misappropriated and manipulated by forces which are very much against his ideologies of eradication of caste base discrimination and equality for all.

With this events, Ambedkar International Mission USA has maintained its’ annual legacy of celebrating birth anniversary of Dr. Ambedkar with great strength and enthusiasm in the great city of New York where Babasaheb lived as student from 1913‐1916.

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Dr. Ambedkar International Mission, USA

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10431 Shanley Trace Lane, Richmond, TX 77407, U.S.A


Here are a few photos from the event.

Ambedkar International Mission USA Ambedkar International Mission USA Ambedkar International Mission USA Ambedkar International Mission USA Ambedkar International Mission USA Ambedkar International Mission USA Ambedkar International Mission USA Ambedkar International Mission USA Ambedkar International Mission USA

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