What Merit? Dalit, Kalpit Veerwal, Topped IIT Mains With 360/360 Score


Stereotypes about Dalit-Bahujan community are so prevalent despite reality showing the different picture. Media and rulers don’t want Dalits to know their strength and they always try to demonize Dalits with labels such as – oh Dalits don’t have the brain and they can not study. Dalit, Kalpit Veerwal, topped IIT Mains with 360/360 Score! Kalpit Veerwal belongs to Dalit community, so-called lower castes in India.

Here is another champion from our community, who has achieved this without having many resources.

17 years old Dalit student, Kalpit Veerwal, topped the IIT Mains with 360/360 and broke all records of JEE Mains! Results for IIT Mains were declared today by CBSE.

Regular classes and a bit of confidence helped Rajasthan’s Kalpit Veerwal score full marks and clinch the All India Rank 1 in the Joint Entrance Examination (JEE) Main 2017.

A tight slap on the face of those who say Dalits don’t have merit. Kalpit Veerwal is the topper in general as well Scheduled Caste category. He has scored 360 out of 360 in the examination.

Regular studies helped Kalpit Veerwal top one of important examinations in India. He is now focusing on JEE Advanced, which will be held next month.

His elder brother is a medical student in AIIMS. His father Pushkar Lal Veerwal is a compounder at Udaipur’s Maharana Bhupal Government Hospital and his mother Pushpa Veerwal is a government school teacher. Kalpit Veerwal wants to study Computer Science from IIT-Mumbai.

With limited resources, Dalits all over India are performing well and hitting hard to Manuwadis.

Last year IAS topper was a Dalit girl, Tina Dabi. A few days ago, Dalit, Bhushan Ahir,  topped Maharashtra Public Service Commission Examination.

When toppers are from Dalit-Bahujan communities, what merit so-called Brahmins and upper castes talk about all the time? A few years back, V. T. Rajshekar had said,

“all ruling classes built” a theory by suited to their needs and try to give a ‘scientific’ backing to it. Merit and efficiency is a pure Aryan invention, aimed at maintaining their monopoly”.

Best wishes to Dalit, Kalpit Veerwal!

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  1. 1

    Replying to one of the old comments, where you have stated your angst is against Brahmanism and not against Brahmins: I will accept your aforementioned claim for once. I would really appreciate an article on your site which stresses on how Brahmins are not your target and you consider them as human beings and are not filled with poison against them, and what exactly are your thoughts on Brahmanism. Will highly appreciate it.

  2. 5
    shrutika nikhar

    This comment is from a 15 year old and i want to say simply that caste system has ended ….then why the news includees words ” a dalit student” …media is extracting shit out of the success of a boy who is to be appreciated by people ..this media is jst trying to mess up everything . if he got success lets congratulate him ,but why to mention dalit there. n no one in thee society among high caste and classes says that dalit student can’t achieve any thing . hamare beech kisi ne aisa ni bola ..it’s all your thinking. so stop talking abt caste nd category ..CIVILIZED PEOPLE in India no more consider this as a basis to classify the brilliant mind . SO LETS CONGRATULATE THE BOY RATHER THAN TALKING ABT CASTE CATEGORY CLASSES ..

    • 6

      First of all, caste system has not ended and it won’t end even if you repeat it 10 times.

      Secondly, caste matters in all the aspects of life then why not mention the caste of IIT topper?

      • 7
        shrutika nikhar

        ok just think n tell …… if u were parent of a child …n then the media makes news of this kind what wld u feell …n i m damn sure ..khud bande ke parents ne aise words ni bole honge ki ” tight slap on the faces…n bla bla bla ……” lol u make news so that u could debate on it hungrily

      • 9
        shrutika nikhar

        i respect ur caste i respect the struggle ..n i knw caste-ism is still prevailing but the way matter a lot …agr sites aise terms use kr rhi h ki tight slap n blah …. then have a look for sure ….cause not every one is same who blames …what evr u r worried abt ….. happiness ko celebrate krne ka tareeka bhi hota h ..n this is where u differ …agr ache tareeke se bola jaye so no one will make fun of u or ur thoughts neither of them will abuse ….. but as i said way matters

          • 15

            HOW? i’ll tell u how … ur sites use such terms .. which will never ever create a good face of ur caste/class/category n another thing is .. u r creating gap maybe widening it .. because .. think logically … if you would have presented this boy with good respectable words .. every one … evryone mi8 have appreciated him … but now after reading such terms .. there mi8 be many ppl ( like me 0 who wld feel raged …….this makes difference

  3. 19

    Congratulations kalpit veerwal !! 360/360 is a great score, definitely( after clearing all steps) breaking all stereotypes kalpit should take admission from general quota..

    • 20

      Yes, the law is clear in India that any SC/ST qualifying in general category should be admitted under general category.

  4. 21

    Some sc,st or nt, i am not able to recall exactly but merit for this catagory was closed at 116 and for open it was 175 in third list for ug medical seats…still
    U r saying that u r not playing with others Future??
    Let it be now…..but frnd,i just want to say that dont devide india more on the caste basis and dont spread hatred though in ur eyes it is truth….we can work together for progress of dalit but not in this way by comparing ourself with others….its up to u…what msg u want to spread…if u r feeling some truth in my msg,then just try to avoid comparison and just show the progress of dalits…its my request…at the end it is up to u which path do u want to choose??
    Good bye frnd…nice to talking with u

    • 22

      Wrong, in many cases SC/ST/OBC cut off have these days crossed general cut-off. It is more challenging to compete in these categories than in general. Further, we believe speaking the truth is not spreading hatred. We suggest you try to open your eyes and see the dark side of caste realities in India.

  5. 23

    General catagory is 30.8% of total population in india..and 50% is not purely for open but anyone from nt,sc,st,obc secures good marks can take admission from open catagory but though an open student score good, he cant take admission from other category

    • 24

      Which caste census data you are using? We say so-called upper castes are around 10-15% of total population in India, not 30.8%. Secondly, try to work hard and compete with your brethren, India has already given almost 51% reservation to 15% of people.

  6. 25

    Yes…caste should be based on purity of soul but it will not accepted by real world
    Think once keeping urself in this position,.
    U have given CET exam for medical and u have secured 180 marks out of 200 and ur frnd has scored 130 marks and then u come to know that u won’t get medical seat because u lag by 1 mark and merit was181 for open catagory and ur frnd get selected for one of the topmost bj medical clg pune….
    If u at least once suffer from this,u will never ask me why i am talking for removing researvation.
    When u ask this to ur parent why this happened witn me,then they tell u that u r mistake is that u havr born in open catagory and ur punishment is that u have to repeat one year…
    Once u suffer,then only u will understand why……..

    I agree that our ansester had made mistake,i really felt sorry for that.

    But when u r free and calm,just go at some seashore or garden n think….
    Mistake is done by the ancestors and for their mistake for whome we r punishing?
    We r using the seat of that person who actually deserve more for that position than us…is it really humanitarian?
    For making our progress we had become so much selfish that we r playing with someones future??
    Why we r begging in front of government for reservation?we have our own potential to prove..
    Why we r not understanding that reservation is a tool of politics which we r flourishing more??
    When u really calm…think about this….ask ur heart to give nonbiasing ans

    • 26

      You are wrong. It’s not only about ancestors who committed crimes against Dalits but caste discrimination still continues, so till caste discrimination continues reservation based on caste will go on. Fight for ending the caste discrimination not reservation that should be everyone’s motive. Further, in open category there are 50% seats almost despite the population of so-called upper castes is only 15% or less in India. Why not make reservation according to the population of caste groups? Then everyone will be happy. No?

  7. 27
    sanjay ranga

    Very well done bro… Hats off to you for giving a memorable moment to feel proud for all depressed classes n all bheem sainik …. Keep it up n we all bahujan give our best to generate such golden moments…..

  8. 28

    Velivada befitting reply given to all those hate mongers, they don’t want to cleanse their thoughts about dalits but they r very quick n vocal about removing reservations. Instead of feeling sorry for what their ancestors did to dalits they r lecturing on how reservation is widening the gap in the society, rather they should feel happy and encourage the dalit talents for their betterment but u see here in their congrats messages they r pushing their agenda of anti-reservation. Its very easy for them to say that let’s get rid of reservations but they don’t want to understand the plight of a dalit how he/she manages to acquire knowledge and make his place in the society bcoz his/her past many generations didn’t know how to guide their next generation due to no access given to education. So please first eradicate caste discrimination from your thoughts and actions to help India become reservation free. Jai hind, Jai bhim. The purpose of Indian spiruality is to know the real self or rather attaining self realization, it is no where written in any of the Indian scriptures that caste is determined by birth. It is purely the personal choice to choose occupation and occupation determines the caste. For example If person has broad enlightened approach towards life and towards entire humanity then he has to be considered as a great soul and not to be categorized him as per pseudo birth caste.

  9. 31
    Rajender Singh

    Hearty many many congratulations to Kalprit Veerwal. Proud you. From Rajender Singh Patlan, Ex. Reader to Distt. & Sessions Judge, Jind (Haryana)

  10. 32
    Ansh babu

    I feel very proud of u to achieve a very big score in IIT/JEE mains 360/360 , it is really very high score and u r the bright future of india. I hope that in future u will keep our society in progress.I have no words to congratulate u because u r a very big star of this achievment……….

  11. 33

    Yeah it’s absolutely correct . It’s also absolutely correct that the so called dalits do not need any reservations it’s only vote bank politics to make them dependent on politicians rather than their strength.If reservations is removed within short span the manuwadis will not be able to compete with the dalits as they Will start fighting with their full strength.
    When we will overcome from the frame of caste,tribe and etc l. If u will look at the prejudice carried on by the tribals on non tribals in tribal state than u will not feel sorry For them. The great reality is majority dominates and discriminates minority whether it is social ,economical or political.

    • 34

      Are you serious when you are saying, “If u will look at the prejudice carried on by the tribals on non tribals in tribal state than u will not feel sorry For them?”

  12. 35
    Capt. Vinayak Ingle

    Congratulation Kalpit
    You make us proud standing first in India in JEE without much facilities & background
    We Ambedkarite really have great potential & intelligent which was hidden n suppressed for long time because of the Manuwadi system established by brahmins in India
    Great keep it up

  13. 39
    Bhagwat Prasad

    Heart congratulation and best wishes my deal Kalpit, and we pound of your. I am happy to know that one Dalit once again is topper in the India’s prestigious / prominent and important Exam JEE Mains 2017. You created history like Baba Sabeh Dr. Bhim Rao Ambedkar ji. I am Government Servant working in NITI Aayog, Government of India, as Personal Secretary, New Delhi. I belongs to Jatav (Chamar) caste. My son, Yogeshwar gave exam JEE Main 2017 and get 151 Marks.

  14. 41
    Raja Bhattacharjee

    This is an extra ordinary achievement. Can anybody share his contact no., my son wants to talk with him for future hero.

      • 45

        Caste system doesn’t end by dalit becoming topper but it will become more powerful if u spread such wrong msges in society.Victory of Kalpit has made whole india to proud at him not just lower caste..U should have to spread the msg of unity in india not the hatred about the upper class in the mind of lower class.What does it mean that in ur earlier news’Brahminical media loves the dalit students committing suicide’?what is ur personal problem with Brahmins? And for ur knowledge Tina Dabi had got enough media photage after her victory..if u open the u tube,u will find majority of videos of tina dabi…so it is wrong to say that media discriminate topper on basis of caste.U r the media where the youth spend theirs with u.You should be responsible enough to spreading msg of unity rather that creating the bridge between upper n lower class.On the progress of lower class,every indian feel proud including upper class as it is the sign of progress of the india in the direction system which is far away from the barrier of the caste.. And i was not getting reason that why u r comparing ur self with Brahmins?because this comparison indicate that u r thinking brahmins are superior than u and u wish to beat them in this race…plz remember we all r indians and that is only our caste..we have to move ahead of this caste system so plz soread the msg of unity and also tell all the people that upper class people also feel proud if a lower class student tops.. Plz don’t follow the strategy what British did centuries before Todo n Rajya Karo…plz don’t spread the hatred in the mind of lower caste regarding upper caste….they r not as bad as ur showing them…plz anyone don’t take it personally…if someones feeling hurts because of this, Sorry from bottom of my heart
        For readers :before reading such news plz think ,whether ur frnds discrminate u on the basis of caste?whether ur teachers or neighbors? If not…then plz think about the authenticity and truthness of the news

        • 46

          What is the wrong message that we are spreading? Have you checked this http://velivada.com/2017/04/29/iit-mains-topper-kalpit-veerwal-doesnt-look-like-dalit-people-searching-caste/

          It’s so-called upper castes searching for his caste. Further, have you noticed that the news about Tina Dabi or videos that you are mentioning are from Dalit-Bahujan channels, not Brahminical media.

          Also, no one is India is Indian, we all are divided into castes and castes matter in India and if speaking about the truth and reality is spreading hatred then we are sorry to tell you that we will not stop speaking about the realities of caste and caste discrimination.

          For readers – Caste matters before you dine and before you marry or before you shake hands with anyone in India! So, better for us to accept the caste realities and try to solve problems created by Hindu caste system!

          • 47

            In u tube channel,one will find videos on aaj tak,dd news,abp news,news 18 india,zee news,ekta views,bbc hindi,India today,shiv kumar,unacadmy,awaaz india,jansatta…do u want to say these all r dalit channel?….
            Listen..i do not totally deny that there are few people which are totally bound to the caste,who may happy on seeing the death of dalit but tell me in which system u wont meet with such orthodox people.if few doctors performe malpractice,it doesn’t mean that we have to blem entire doctor community.if few lawyers gives justice to criminal,it doesn’t mean that entire lawyer profession is not loyal,if few ias officers are corrupt ,it doesn’t mean entire ias profession is corrupt…there may be few dalits who will be happy by seeing death of a brahmin student…u can’t avoid that possibility.but there are many who will be sad by thinking thay we have lost one rising star of the nation..I just want to say that plz don’t blame entire brahmin community for few people.
            Our fight is not against brahmins.we will not get anything by blemming them.it is just a non productive work and the waste of time.it will spead hatred and the feeling of revenge..our fight is against wrong system…our focus should be on how we can change this system,how we can ensure the progress of dalits as well as upper class people who remain backward due to poverty.upper class is not enemy of lower but we are all brother n sisters..we will work together to build an india which will be caste free..where the reservation criteria will be poverty not the caste,where the child will not be asked for the caste while entering his name into school..lets focus on discussion how we can make progress of dalits and upper class backward people and stop blemming each other.lets work together to change the system and to make the india of our dream

          • 48

            Tina Dabi’s news was reported first by Dalit Bahujan channels then later for TRP other channels started picking up the news but this news should not be generalised as there are thousands other news about atrocities on Dalits which Brahminical media have ignored, such as in case of Khiarlangi Dalit killings, Brahminical media ignored that news for 1 month! Later when a journalist from the USA covered it, Indian Brahminical governments made sure that she is denied the visa and she was forced to leave the country. Now tell us there is no caste discrimination!

            We have never said that Brahmins are the enemy or our fight is against Brahmins. Our fight is against the Brahminism, which is state of mind which discriminates and Brahminism is not same as Brahmins. Also, when discrimination in India is based on caste why reservation should be based on economic status? It’s one of the stupid logic that after removing surname caste system will end, no it would not as it is a state of mind and people will find some other ways to figure out the person’s caste even if the surname is missing.

  15. 50
    Dr Shivaprasad KV

    JAI BHEEM KALPIT.. its wonderful and delighted news to all of us. Heartfelt congratulations and best wishes dear Kalpit. You made us to proud..

  16. 52

    Really,if he is a dalit there is no word to praise him.He made proud of all dalit communities
    Scoring 360 out of 360 is unbelievable
    Let all forward castes look at him and his achievements.

  17. 54

    I heartly congratulate all winner but i want to say something:
    First thing…if the single student tops in the exam from particular category,it doesn’t called as merit but how many students top from that particular category determines the merit…because the student topped the exam may be extraordinary or may have followed any special strategy but the majority indicate the progress of the community.So,it is very wrong to decide the progress of the community on the basis of 2-3 toppers.Another important thing,brahmin and upper class don’t say that the lower caste people lag in merit but it argue for removing the reservation which is for lower class because upper class believes that the lower class had made enough progress such that it can stand for its dignity ,existance ans progress without reservation…if u r thinking that u have made enough progress and ur students are in merit,then plz ask the government to remove reservation for lower caste… It will be much beneficiar than blemming upper community…
    Thank u n my speach do not target any specific community …if because of this, someones feeling hurts… Really sorry

  18. 55
    Puttaiah J

    Be proud to be dalith, we should not degrade ourselves. Knowledge is not property of a community, Mr. Kalpit Veerwal proved it. Congratulations to him and all best for his future

  19. 59
    Deepak Kumar

    Our community is like the ocean and Kalpit Veerwal is one drop of our ocean there is billions of student from our community are ready for prove themselves and that is an inspiration for all of us

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