In BJP Ruled Rajasthan, Dalit Writer Kusum Meghwal Getting Death Threats


The author of more than 65 books, Dalit writer Kusum Meghwal from Rajasthan is getting death threats from so-called upper caste goons in BJP ruled Rajasthan. Kusum Meghwal said that she has received calls from individuals claiming to be Thakurs and from Karni Sena for her views on Maharana Pratap.

Kusum Meghwal, in her book – Maharana Pratap Bhil Rajputra The – Kshatriya Ya Rajput Nahi -claims that king Pratap belonged to the Bhil community and later was elevated to Rana of Mewar. It could be true as the appropriation of Dalit-Bahujan ideals is nothing new in India. So-called upper castes continuously try to include anyone famous into their fold so that they can use his/her influence to control masses.

We have seen the appropriation of Dr Ambedkar to Buddha to Guru Ravidas etc. where Manuwadis have distorted history and presented half baked truths to the masses.  

According to Census, 2011, Bhils were the largest tribal group in India followed by Gond tribe. Bhils are listed as Adivasi residents of the states of Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Maharashtra and Rajasthan. The Ambedkarite writer, Kusum Meghwal, says that the word ‘Bhil’ comes from Sanskrit word ‘Bhilla’, which means brave and martial.

Kusum Meghwal was harassed on social media also by fanatic Hindus and she received threats from Karni Sena, the same Hindu terrorist organisation which was involved in the ransacking of the sets of Padmavati and the attack on its director Sanjay Leela Bhansali in January 2017.

She filed her complaint at Ambamata police station in Udaipur about receiving threat calls from Karni Sena and so-called Thakurs over her portrayal of the Rajput warrior in her book Maharana Pratap Bhil Rajputra The – Kshatriya Ya Rajput Nahi.

Threatening someone for having his/her views or facts those don’t match so-called upper castes’ notion is not the way society progress.

Everyone should have equal rights and equal opportunities to speak and express their own views. Where is the freedom of expression in the Brahminical system? Attempts to silence all those who disagree with BJP/RSS’s Hindutva ideology will lead India to a dangerous path. All those who believe in justice, equality and liberty should come forward and oppose Hindutva forces who want to implement their own agenda of turning India into a Hindu nation.

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    Hasan Khan Sur – In the battle of Haldighati preferred to fight and died to achieve his goal and Akbar never bothered to even go after Pratap. Now Sharma writers of BJP are again thinking and creating fictitious stories like they did for Padmini. If you visit Chitorgarh Fort – the site and use a very basic Physics Laws.. there is now way in the world that you can see the image of any human soul forget about Beauty in water and mirror..but pandit tour guide keep on telling lies after lies..Go and Check yourself.. Again direct war loss and bogus stories.. FAKE and FICTITIOUS..Again question is which war Rajputs won ? they also have a one or 2 people who contributed some but the amount of the Fake Stories are filled in School Books..

  2. 2

    Best part of the history is if you read it from the enemy perspective : Here are the actual events :
    1. Prithiraj Chauhan – 1192 – Ran away from the battlefield and was captured at Hindon River by Ghori. Instead of fighting or dying, he prefer to rule under Ghori and that’s why his Mazar or Kabar is in Ghazni. They both issued coins, on whihc one side is Prithiviraj Chauhan and other is Ghori. Pandit Chandrbardai wrote Prithiraj Raaso 200-300 yrs later on the banks of Ganga..Total fictitious excuse and Sanyogita story and all was a FAKE
    2. Maharan Pratap – Same was his situation. He was like – Begani Shhadi Mein Mullah Diwana..some say 14 min war and other defined 45 minutes war.. but his Senapati – Hasan Khan Sur– Grandson of Sher Shah Suri wanst to capture hi lost kingdom from Akbar..Babur Looted Sher Shah Empire and Akbar was his Grandson.. here also Pratap ran from the battlefiled and brahmins created a fictitious story about his escape etc. but actually he ran away from the battlefield.. NOT A SINGLE RAJPUT HELPED HIM AFTER HE LOST THE WAR AND HE SURVIVED UNDER BHEEL DISGUISE.. if ANYONE RECALL A SINGLE WAR WIN BY RAJPUTS PLEASE ENLIGHTEN US AND WORLD..ALL WAR BHAGODAS BECOME RAJPUTS JUST TO PROTECT THEIR WEALTH AND ADOPTED DAUGHTER GIVING CEREMONIES TO MAINTAIN THEIR LIFESTYLE AND SUCK INDIAN POOR PEOPLE BLOOD

    • 4

      Really? And RSS, VHP and other Brahminical organisations are binding different communities in India with Fevicol? Right?

  3. 5
    Vikram Singh

    stupid old lady.. for publicity she is doing such cheap stunt. and ur terrorist website is supporting her. shame on u.. If i say ambedkar was brahmin. u bitches will bark like nothing.. so if u dont have any logic dont write anything bloody illiterate peoples.. and this cheap lady should be thrown to jail for her idiotic act.. bastards.. Logicless idiots

    • 6

      First of all, mind your language and don’t show your Brahminical culture here. We already know brahminical culture of abusing others.

      This is how Brahminical system puts forward argument? Argue with some logic not with tons of abuses.

      As Buddha said, if you don’t accept what people give you, those things stay with the person offering those things, so we don’t accept your abuses, now guess where are those?

  4. 7

    will i get the same freedom of speech or expression if i want to challenge thoughts of babasaheb or reservations? i’m sure no not at all 500% not.Forget that is it ok with you if i say the truth that babasaheb was not only one to write the constitution but there were many others of different caste and religions with him in the comitee ?you always denied their contribution! you people openly deny freedom of expression to others given by babasaheb but expect the same from others.

    • 8

      You are welcome to challenge any thoughts of any leader but try to base those challenges on facts and figures. Facts which have always been distorted by Brahminical forces to fulfil their own motives. Further, who gets the credit if war is won? King but that doesn’t mean warriors who fought are not credited. Lastly, Dalits are not in the position to deny anyone any kind of freedom, it is the ruler castes who are in the position to deprive others their opportunities so stop crying.

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