Brahminical Media Loves Dalit Students Committing Suicide, Not Dalit Toppers


On 27th April 2017, CBSE declared the results for the IIT Mains and Dalit boy Kalpit Veerwal was declared topper. Dalit, Kalpit Veerwal, topped IIT Mains with a perfect score – 360/360! What merit these Brahmins and so called upper castes talk about? All this smashes the fake logic of so-called upper castes people that merit this, merit that, blah, blah…and Brahminical media cannot digest the news about Dalit becoming a topper.

If topper would have been from Sharma, Thaukar, Dwivedi or Trivedi, he would have been all over the place! Kalpit Veerwal belongs to Dalit community hence brahminical media tried its best to hide his caste and to which community he belongs to.

When Dalit students commit suicides or raped in universities and colleges, Brahminical media has always mentioned caste and community along with the victim in the headline news then why not the achievement of young Dalit boy mentioned in headlines?

Why does Brahminical media loves only depressed and crying Dalits? Why can’t it see Dalit achievers?

Many times you might also have heard that – caste doesn’t matter, talent does. Then, why people are busy searching caste of IIT Mains topper? Many are searching about the caste of Kalpit Veerwal and landing on Velivada website. Here is a screenshot of top 10 search results those led to Velivada website today. Notice how many are related to caste and the trend is same almost every time any Dalit achieves something. The Same trend was noticed when last year Tina Dabi, Dalit girl, became IAS topper.

Kalpit Veerwal Caste of IIT Topper

Top 10 Search Terms Those Led People to Velivada Website on 27th April 2017

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Here are few headlines and see how major news channels/newspapers covered the news about IIT topper Kalpit Veerwal, who belongs to Dalit community. There is no denying that whole Indian media is brahminical and one of the worst in the world. Whole Brahminical media blacklisted and didn’t mention that he belongs to Dalit community in their headlines.

Brahminical Media - Hindustan Times

Brahminical Media – Hindustan Times

Brahminical Media - India Today

Brahminical Media – India Today

Brahminical Media - Indian Express

Brahminical Media – Indian Express

Brahminical Media - NDTV

Brahminical Media – NDTV

Now see below, how Brahminical media covers stories about Dalit suicides and Dalit students getting raped in school, colleges or universities.

Brahminical Media - The Hindu - Dalit Suicide

The Hindu – Dalit Suicide

Brahminical Media - Hindustan Times - Dalit Suicide

Hindustan Times – Dalit Suicide

Brahminical Media - DNA - Dalit Suicide

DNA – Dalit Suicide

Brahminical Media - Deccan Chronicle - Dalit Suicide

Deccan Chronicle – Dalit Suicide

Brahminical Media - NDTV - Dalit Raped

NDTV – Dalit Raped

Brahminical Media - The New Indian Express - Dalit Raped

The New Indian Express – Dalit Raped

Brahminical Media - India Today - Dalit Raped

India Today – Dalit Raped

In general, how many Dalits get a chance to study or go to better schools? Not many can afford to attend coaching or good English speaking schools. So, with limited resources what Dalits have achieved in last 50-60 years is beyond imagination. This has only been possible with hard work by Dalits. We belong every achievement by Dalits should be celebrated and mentioned.

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Merit is not any particular caste group’s personal property; it is the opportunities and encouragement that matter.

So why does Brahminical media love depressed and crying and raped and murdered Dalits and not Dalits who are the topper or doing well? The reason is simple, Brahminical media doesn’t want Dalits to take inspiration from Dalit heroes or Dalit achievers hence they try their best to hide or suppress the news about Dalit heroes. They don’t want that Dalit-Bahujans get inspiration from their own history, own strength and smash the upper caste hegemony. Dr. Ambedkar wrote about it 80-90years ago or so.

Why then do the caste Hindus get irritated? The reason for their anger is very simple. Your behavior with them on a par insults them. Your status is low. You are impure, you must remain at the lowest rung; then alone they will allow you to live happily. The moment you cross your level, the struggle starts. The above instances also prove one more fact. Untouchability is not a timely or temporary feature. It is a permanent one. To put it straight, it can be said that the struggle between the Hindus and the Untouchables is a permanent phenomenon. It is eternal, because the religion which has given you the lowest level in the society is itself eternal, according to the belief of the high-caste people. No change according to times and circumstances is possible. You are the lowest of the rungs today. You shall remain the lowest forever. This means the struggle between Hindus and Untouchables will continue forever. How you will survive through this struggle, is a main question. And unless you think it over, there is no escape.~ Babasaheb Ambedkar


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  1. 2
    Dr A K Biswas

    My immediate concern on hearing the stunning success of Kalpit Veerwal is his security and safety. His neighbours, upper caste hyenas will strongly hate such a success. He and his family will be in the face of immediate danger of attacks from their enemies who would like them to wallowing in ignorance, illiteracy, miseries for generations and centuries.
    Appeal should be made to the state authorities for fool-proof security arrangement of Kalpit, lest no harm is done to him and his family. Moreover he has to be protected from the envious teachers in the IITs/Institutes wherever he decides to study.
    Pradeep Kumar, a dalit student of Kalpana Chawla College of Engineering & technology, Hissar of Haryana was killed at college gate 2-3 years back because Pradeep had topped in all semesters save the last one which was due soon. His killers were two Jats who could not tolerate his spectacular success.
    Merit of dalit is enemy for him. Be aware!

  2. 3
    Dr.Swapnil M. Dhargave

    Is the term ” Dalit ” used intentionally or ignorantly? Dr.Babasaheb himself had clarified that this word should not be used.
    However,nice article !

  3. 5

    V need MP’S, MLA’S ,officers,judges,editors like TINA ,Kalpit Veerwal,Ashish Gawai
    TO PROTECT us from exploitation & injustice.
    To bring us
    Hindu code bill,
    50 % representation in system to woman,
    New society with Equality &
    BMP / AP – Bahujan Mukti Party,
    > 9491535695, 9492245695

  4. 6

    Come out of the caste obsession. Every one is asking for the reservation to be removed and to treat all as one. I would encourage you to fight for reservations in the name of castes to be removed. Yes any one can get a rank if they put the right efforts. Reservations demoralises people and make them think inferior. I second you buddy

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