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Blossom is an educational residence for girls who have dropped out of school in Kerala, where they can continue their academic study and develop confidence. Our curriculum emphasizes communicative English, public speaking, computer skills, the arts and academic mastery. Blossom Projects is an educational residence for young women, located at Lokuttara Leadership Academy and financially supported by Jai Bhim International, a non-profit organization.

Blossom Project is a residential community of young women in Kerala, cultivating confidence, creativity, and compassion.

Whom Blossom Projects Serve

The young women served in our academic programs are oppressed due to gender, poverty, and caste. They are not encouraged to study and often lose motivation and confidence. Many drop out of school and find low-paid menial work or get married at a young age.

Blossom Projects

Blossom Projects

At Blossom, these girl students reside full-time in a supportive environment, where they develop their own unique academic and creative talents. They receive the encouragement they need to return to their studies and address the problems in their families and communities, with innovation and creativity.

Why Blossom?

In Kerala, the dropout rate for girls is very high in the Dalit community, those traditionally-considered “untouchable”. Girls’ individual excellence is not encouraged by their families, their communities or the society at large. Further, girls are often pressured to work before they finish their education. However, if these girls live in an environment where they can feel secure, loved and cared for, they will build their self-esteem. This is our motivation and this is the inspiration for Blossom Project.

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An appeal from Blossom Projects

This July we are excited to launch “Blossom”, our new hostel at Lokuttara Leadership Academy in Kerala. Blossom is a residence for girls who have dropped out of school. 5 girls will live at Blossom for 10 months, studying Communicative English, Master Student Skills, and Computer Basics. Our curriculum incorporates public speaking training, the arts, movement and meditation, in an environment where every student excels. Blossom is a sister to Lokuttara’s Boys’ Hostel, and girls and boys will study together at the Academy during the day, encouraging one another and collaborating in an environment of mutual respect. After school, the girls will live together as a household, supervised by a Warden. $10,000 is needed to open Blossom this summer and to run it for 10 months. Once it is off the ground, we will extend the program to more students. Our girls are from some of the most oppressed communities in India, and they have asked us to create this hostel, for their academic success and for a brighter future. An investment in the education of girls is an investment in the quality of life for a whole community. Join us in growing Blossom! Thank you.

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Blossom Projects

Jai Bhim International is a global community of friends collaborating with Dalit youth in India, from backgrounds traditionally-considered “untouchable”. JBI’s Communicative English Workshops integrate academic study skills with yoga, meditation, dance, drama, visual arts, and music.
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Jai Bhim International


Jai Bhim International

Jai Bhim International

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