Ram Rajya: Cows Get Aadhar Card, What is Next? Passports, Visa and Bank Accounts?


Cows in India are given so much importance from police protecting cows to Gau Rakshak groups. We wonder who is working for the welfare of humans and sometimes, we have started feeling jealous of the cows! BJP is on its way to assign Aadhar card to cows, making us even further jealous!

BJP recently proposed Aadhar like the card for cows, here are a few other things BJP should do.

We recommend passport for cows also, so that holy cows can travel around the world easily!

Maybe launch a satellite to track the movements of the cows?

Maybe BJP will deposit 15 lakhs in the aadhar card of cows?

Similar to rail budget and union budget, shall next time we expect cow mata budget also?

Maybe a new cow ministry and cow education minister? ManuSmriti Irani will be the perfect fit for cow education minister.

A dedicated department or ministry for extracting gold from the cow urine would be another feather to India’s crown.

Forget gold standards or dollar exchange, in future cow dung cakes, will trade on the Bombay Stock Exchange!

Why so much discrimination while treating holy cows? We recommend that cows be given special provisions to become visiting Professor at the University of Hyderabad with an opportunity to work under the direct supervision of Appa Rao Podile.

Cows roaming on the roads, eating plastic, habitual offenders can be easily caught, arrested and put in jail.

Aadhar card for the cows, great! Why doesn’t BJP recommend some cow as a next President of India? Some highly patriotic Cow should be picked; maybe Prime Minister can have some survey on his mobile app?

Don’t be surprised if one-day BJP made voter ID cards for the cows also. Their main focus is on cows and cows give them votes anyway.

Now, India has truly turned into the Republic of Cows!

We demand government should link cows Aadhar card with subsidy cows will get on fodder also link cows aadhar card with cows bank accounts. Oh, how can we forget, please open bank accounts for the cows also?

Will the Aadhar Card for cows be linked to their bank accounts so that they can get methane gas subsidy?

Aadhar like ID for cows, so they will also have to file Income Tax returns and become Tax- Payers, this would be interesting!

We recommend Aadhar card for cows should also be linked with the scholarships for the calves and opportunity to study under the direct supervision of Appa Rao Podile (murderer of Rohith Vemula).

With Aadhar card for cows, I have seen everything and don’t want to live anymore! Such a shameful state of India’s politics that these fanatic Manuwadi people are ready to do anything from killing people on the name of the cow to spreading hatred among different communities. Wasting millions and millions of aadhar card for cows while millions of human beings sleep every day without food, live and die in poverty. What should be our priorities? Too many problems to solve and the government is behind cows. Sad state of India’s politics and priorities.

BJP/RSS Government wants people to remain occupied in trivial issues and don’t question the government on the real issues.

P.S. – Please don’t sue us, we won’t be able to offer you cows but beef only!

The post is sarcasm, don’t take seriously!

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