Exposed – RSS/BJP Behind Saharanpur Violence, Not Dalit-Muslim Conflict


Ground reports from National Dastak team clearly show that there is no conflict between Dalits and Muslims. Muslims don’t have any problem with Dalits observing Dr Ambedkar Jayanti. If Muslims don’t have any issue then who is behind Saharanpur violence? Who is getting benefited by creating Dalit Muslim divide?

Is it purposely done so that Dalit and Muslims don’t come together?

Dalits and Muslims have started to understand that both cannot survive alone and it is better to fight against oppression together rather than die alone so all this violence was created by RSS/BJP goons to create a divide among the Dalits and Muslims.

CM of Uttar Pradesh Adityanath Yogi and BJP had promised before elections in UP that they will make UP danga-mukt (riots free) but it seems their attempts are to make UP danga-yukt (organise riots).

It is just one month since BJP formed the government in Uttar Pradesh and along with RSS goons, BJP started this Saharanpur violence. BJP MLA from Saharanpur is directly involved in the violence; will there be any action against him?

BJP organised the illegal event and not only that they insisted on taking that rally through Muslim dominated areas. As it happens with most of the BJP’s rallies, people who attended Saharanpur rally were also outsiders, not the local people.

To take procession through the area where BJP leaders were taking it was banned according to laws a few years ago, then why did BJP leaders try to take procession through that area? Don’t they have any sense of following the laws? This clearly shows what happened in Saharanpur was planned well before. Why was procession taken through Muslim dominated area, why not Hindus who suppress Dalits most? BJP is trying to

BJP is trying to communalise the political environment in the name of Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar.

Another video from Bhim Army also showed that there is no conflict between Dalits and Muslims.

RSS is such a dangerous organisation that it can create riots on the name of Dr Ambedkar, who wrote the constitution of India.

Saharanpur violence is not an accident but well-planed strategy of RSS/BJP to polarise voters before 2019 elections by creating fears and hatred among communities. The Same strategy has been used by RSS/BJP in different states.

The way in which Saharanpur violence was flared up is similar to what Uttar Pradesh saw in Muzaffarnagar in 2013, riots in which BJP-SP were directly involved. BJP/RSS understand the importance of keeping Dalit–Muslim separate otherwise BSP, which is appealing Muslims, will take advantage of Dalit-Muslim unity. So, by keeping the tension between communities BJP/RSS’s game-plan is to cement the Hindu coalition.

As 2019 general elections will come near, we expect to hear more such incidents where RSS/BJP will try to put Dalits against Muslims to get benefited through polarisation.

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