Cow Ka Sath, Cow Ka Vikas – BJP Wants Aadhaar Card for Cows


BJP government on 24th April 2017, in its report to Supreme court, says “each cow and its progeny across India should get a Unique Identification Number for tracking”, reports ANI. The idea of having Aadhaar like card was recommended by a committee led by the joint secretary of Home Ministry. The logic of BJP’s having Aadhaar card for cows is cow protection and stop cattle smuggling across the India-Bangladesh border. It is nothing new as in BJP run Haryana similar cards were introduced a few months ago.

Is this a government of the cows, by the cows and for the cows?

According to the reports, one lakh trained technicians have been sent to every nook and cranny to affix a tag inside an ear of cows. The whole project would cost may be thousands of crore rupees

This is a clear case of misplaced priorities of BJP government. Wonder if this was the Sab Ka Sath, Sab Ka Vikas promise of BJP government. Or was it Sab Ka Sath, Cow Ka Vikas? What happened to the promise of bullet trains, 15 lakh rupees for every India, and jobs?

BJP wants to keep the issue of Cows alive so that it can polarize voters for the next general elections.

How will having Aadhaar card for cows help to improve the quantity and quality of the milk yield? Rather than wasting money on it, the government should invest in looking for the ways to improve milk yield. It would help farmers’ more than wasting money on Aadhaar card for cows!

RSS loves cows more than humans so cows are their priority. Cows give RSS and BJP votes they need to rule.

BJP government is proving itself that cows have more value in society than humans who are killed by cow terrorists almost every day. All these crimes of cow terrorists have gone unheard, unnoticed by BJP government. It is clear that for Modi and co. Cow Vikas is a priority and doesn’t have time to resolve major issues such as lack of jobs, poverty, and discrimination in society.

Now, BJP has instructed police to catch vehicles carrying beef and transporting cattle. Thousands of rapes on women, exploitation goes unnoticed and police is made to investigate beef in people’s fridge. Government IT departments are busy creating Aadhaar card for cows. We wonder who is working for the welfare of humans?

Such a sickness! No wonder why India is going backward and not progressing.

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Aadhaar card for cows! Do you still wonder why science declined in India?

In future, every state might have cow ministers and cow welfare commissions and officials checking cow urine and cow dung on daily basis. BJP government can do anything so don’t be surprised if one day they started cow ministry.

We are curious to know what state of mind can yield such ideas as Aadhaar card for cows. It would be a case study for psychiatrists.

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