Top 10 Privileges Upper Castes in India Enjoy


Recently we published Top 10 Privileges Brahmin Men Enjoy article in which benefits Brahmin men enjoy were discussed and it was received well by everyone. Many said that it was the first time in India anyone wrote about the Brahmin privileges. In this article, we present to you in general privileges upper castes in India enjoy and we will go a bit more in detail than in our previous article.

By listing such privileges our intentions is not to piss you off but help so-called upper castes recognise and realise that in each and every sphere of life they hold a set of advantages and immunities that are a direct result of oppression and suppression of so-called lower castes for thousands of years.

The assumption that Brahmins propagate in India is that, as a Brahmin/upper caste, you are a regular and normal human being and other demographic groups are irregular and not normal. This is the propaganda spread for years and years through Brahmin-Bania media and demonised lower castes.

If this list of privileges upper castes enjoy makes you uncomfortable, great! We are not here to make you feel comfortable and you are on right track to recognise your privileges and change your behaviour accordingly.

It is an attempt to erase the invisibility of the privileges upper castes have, privileges that continue to help them maintain upper castes hegemony.

Top 10 Privileges Upper Castes in India Enjoy

1. Upper castes privilege of being able to rent a place at any neighbourhood and being fairly sure that the society and neighbours around will still be happy and will treat you well.  Such privileges upper castes only enjoy, in many parts of India so-called lower castes and Muslims are denied housing and houses are not given for rent even in metro cities.

2. Upper castes privileges of being able to find your caste groups almost everywhere no matter movies, newspapers, news, books etc and being able to associate with those and see yourself and your caste group widely represented and appreciated almost everywhere.

3. Upper castes privileges are being able to seek legal, financial, medical, political and religious support without having your caste work against you. No one from so-called lower castes can get such support without being demonised.

4. Upper castes privileges where media and system work in your favour to create a notion among communities that so-called upper castes are normal and superior and so-called lower castes are abnormal and inferior.

5. Upper castes privilege is never being told to, “get over caste discrimination cries, it is a thing of past”. [On the side note, according to one survey, around 35% people had agreed that they practice caste discrimination/caste system, actual numbers would be much higher.]

6. An upper caste privilege is arrogantly believing that reverse caste discrimination actually exists.

7. Upper caste privilege is being able to fight casteism one day, then ignore and turn blind eyes for rest of the life but still get the honour of being Dalit-messiah.

8. The privilege of not having to teach your children to be aware of systematic caste discrimination for their own protection.

9. Upper caste privilege is not to acknowledge that we live in a system that treats so-called lower castes unfairly and unjustly not only politically, socially but economically also rather believe that so-called lower castes are less capable.

10. Upper castes privilege is not having your history, your culture, your food, your people appropriated or eroticized for the gain and pleasure. You are privileged with assets to appropriate aspects of Dalit-Bahujan history.

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Not all (mostly!) upper castes people are casteist but all upper castes people have privileges.

Upper castes don’t have to prove anything to anyone but they expect so-called lower castes to prove their ability and capability or be ready to be harassed and demonised and labelled as lazy or what not. Upper castes mean never having your intelligence questioned or having to work 10 times harder just to buffer yourself from negative critiques.

When someone from so-called lower castes achieves something after working 20 times harder, upper castes say, oh it is because of his caste and reservation! So-called upper castes don’t have to listen to such taunts and remarks, they are privileged and born with silver spoon in their mouth!

Recognising and accepting that you have upper castes privileges is a part of fighting against the caste discrimination. When upper castes will understand well the privileges upper castes enjoy, that would be another step towards understanding systematic caste discrimination and inequality in the society.

So, these were the top 10 privileges upper castes in India enjoy. Let us know in the comments if you have witnessed these and want to add few more to the list and we will update the post.

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  1. 1

    Other category should have asked for a separate country. I hope they will try again.I would love to see another division of our country. Reason is Bored by this shit called reservation. Reservation can never bring Happiness or Equality it will divide more. A good example is how Politicians are using peoples. Incompetent fools are getting scholarships & jobs. And the needy scholars are in Vain and Pain. Ambedkar was a fool he should have asked for reserved seats in political positions rather than Govt jobs and Schools. Now a negative marks scoring student is a TEACHER and BEST AMONG FAILED CANDIDATES are being selected by Railways which hold many lives who travel by train, Teacher is useless and for Railway guy one slip and Thousands of people DIE.

  2. 2
    ranjan kumar

    well, if the 80% bahujan/asuras have to fight for dignity they all have to unite in a single platform. you see how the RSS/Bjp have consolidated/polarized the hindu vote( interestingly the biggest share of those very votes are from the bahujan/asuras). it was easy for the RSS/BJP to unite them by finding a common enemy ”’ the muslims and the christians”. This proves that even the RSS hindutva needs the bahujan/asuras Therefore the bahujans have to and must realize their potential and the bargaining power.Remember the unity and uprising of the peasant class of Russia against the Czar suppression and the unity and uprising of the Chinese. Unlike India where the feudal system still exists in a very clandestine manner
    why in the world does a bahujan have to prove his worth and capability to a brahmin. After all they have not invented anything worth the salt.The fight should be only for equal opportunity for all. Brahmins are not any more intelligent than the others or anything, Are not the Indians living in the western countries fighting for opportunities and discrimination are they not complain/ moan and groan about the discrimination that they face there, are they not demanding affirmative action..Irony is that those very Indians oppose any kind of affirmative action in India.Now please dont tell me that those Indians are bahujan SC/ST/OBC and etc etc. settled in UK,US, Canada,Australia, New ZEALAND, because majority of the Indians settled there are upper castes Indians. Interestingly the caste discrimination among Indians exists even in the west, for example the British law makers equate caste discrimination to racial discrimination and thus do consider enacting a law
    The reason why India has not been able to rid itself from caste bias is because certain sections want the status quo and continue the special unearned privileges that they enjoy

  3. 3
    Manoj Mohan

    Thank you for writing this. Annihilation of caste can happen only if these privileged ones realise ‘What is privilege’, and then only will they know, what discrimination is.

  4. 4
    Bhoj tharay

    According to my understanding of the caste system, in India, it derived from monarchs urge in ancient times to classify its socio/economic system.The request emanating from the monarch to one of his advisors was to classify his subjects according to their profession, so it derived its origin in a political system, not ordained by god! So it is of utmost important then that the fact must be recognized that men are not born the same as their predecessors.That’s why I support the notion that anyone can become a brahmin because the classification from origin was that a brahmin is one endowed with knowledge of the Hindu scriptures. Now, this can be easily attained by anyone irrespective of their birth, simply by studying the scriptures and becoming knowledgeable of it.

    • 5

      Then we are sorry to tell your understanding is wrong. Tell us how many Brahmins born in Brahmin families became untouchables if they didn’t study scriptures? NONE.

      Can Dalit become Brahmin if he studies scriptures? No, the caste of the person is decided where he is born and there is no chance anyone can move from one caste group to another.

      • 6
        Deepak Giri

        Yes.. U can move from one caste to another by marrying your daughter to a bramhin.. Ur grand son n daughter will b bramhins..
        But not applied in case of ur son.. If ur son marries a bramhin girl.. Nothing gets changed… DAT same bramhin girl will bcom Dalit.. Or wtvr her husband is..
        And don’t mind.. Plz don’t use this word called caste.. We are humans n we r all same.. Upcoming time will prove dis.. Religion of humanity.. Let’s educate all.. Everything will b alright..
        Don’t spread hate in heart of people who belong to low caste..

      • 7
        Madhura Joshi

        Yes. A Dalit, if he stops eating non-veg, studies all the scriptures lives the Brahmin way of life, that is the most simple way, can become a brahmin. Havent you heard abt Valmiki Rishi? Vishwamitra Rishi? Both born in lower castes, but are considered as Brahmin. Also Parshuram born as brahmin is considered Kshatriya cause he followed that Dharma. I am myself a born-brahmin woman, but I dont consider myself so, cause I hv limited knowledge of shastras, the only brahminical thing abt me is that I am a vegeterian. I have read most of your articles. I do understand ur angst considering the social atrocities you went through and may he still are, but isnt promoting hatred like this going to increase the gap? Please try to understand, it is the fight of everyone against this atrocities.

    • 8
      Shekhar Bodhakar

      It is a misconception most people have that caste is based on your profession.
      It is the other way round.

      For thousands of years, your ancestors were forced to work according to the CASTE THAT WAS INITIALLY GIVEN to them.
      Caste was never given to them based on how they made a living but instead, how they were to make a living was determined by the given caste. This means how they were to make a living was determined by the Brahmins

      If, as you say, you can change your caste by gaining mastery in so-called high caste trades; then that defeats the purpose for which it was made.
      Sorry, you can’t change your caste Not by skill; Not by will

  5. 10
    Shekhar Bodhakar

    Stop fighting against discrimination of caste.
    Focus on fighting for complete annihilation of caste.
    I am of the opinion that demanding equal rights actually promotes the caste system for you are associating yourself with a particular caste.
    If there are no castes, can there be caste discrimination?

    • 11

      Sure, annihilation of caste should be the main focus but without discussing about caste discrimination it can’t be achieved.

      • 12
        Shekhar Bodhakar

        It is great that you are exposing the most unfair system ever created by the Manuvadis by discussing caste discrimination. This serves an important and noble purpose of raising awareness amongst the oppressed and hopefully they will join in your fight.
        But that alone wont stop the so called ‘high caste’ Brahmins engaging in caste discrimination. Nor will demanding equal rights. The shrewd Brahmin may even be happy to forfeit some previleges for he knows that by doing so at least the caste system stays intact.
        When rejecting the Hindu ‘religion’ we must also COMPLETELY disassociate ourselves from the caste that we were MADE TO BELIEVE was ours.

  6. 15
    vinaya rakkhita

    Actually the so called low caste people by staying in Hinduism are supporting and sustaining caste and thereby promoting inhuman discrimination and atrocities on their fellow Bahujans. If all the so called low caste people enmass get out of Hinduism them caste system is bound to collapse. This can be one of the best non voilent revolution to end caste.

    • 16

      We agree that so-called lowers castes should leave the religion of discrimination and follow the footsteps of Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar.

      • 17

        yes but so called upper caste find someone else to fulfill their agenda and even convert from their own caste in to lower caste. But they wont let caste system perish. Privilege what everybody wants.

        One thought share by Babasaheb “caste system is like floors which has upper, middle, lower parts there are stairs on upper floors to get down or go get up but no stairs for lower floor. If u are on lower floor that means u stuck their for eternity. That is what written in so-called “Vedas” and its still practice today.

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