Top 10 Privileges Brahmin Men Enjoy


Brahmins, especially Brahmin men, are rarely questioned by so-called feminists and feminists groups led by so-called upper castes. They take up every space and people sometimes even protect their misogyny!

We are usually taught to see any incident of caste discrimination as an individual act or personal views but is never discussed invisible system conferring dominance or privileges of particular caste group over the others. The system that immortalises such acts of caste discrimination.

Brahmin men don’t acknowledge the privileges they enjoy because those come to them naturally, just because they are born in a Brahmin family!

Well here is the list of top 10 Brahmin men privileges –

1. They don’t face housing problems as Dalits and Muslims face even in metro cities

2. Media especially movies, soap serials are obsessed with Brahmin men and show them in good light while distorting the image of so-called lower castes

3. Can get any job (of high position) at any media house, government sector or private firm doesn’t matter, what matters is the “Janeu” that holds them together

4. They receive high wages for their little work and are granted as many holidays as they want and still would get more credit than others and would get promoted without any question

5. People are ready to be friends with them because society accept ‘Sharma’, ‘Trivedi’ or ‘Devedi’ easily

6. Exploit or rape women but they are never put behind bars for any crime

7. They never face serious punishment, no matter how heinous the crime is

8. Have caste connections (read Janeu connections!) in politics, academia, media and so called progressives circles so no need to worry at all everything will be done while Dalits struggle

9. Never murdered/lynched for love (not that we want them to be lynched or murdered)

10. Their identity is never questioned, never are they are made to feel sorry for their existence

These are just a few of the privileges Brahmin men enjoy (sometimes at the cost of others’ lives)! Have you noticed the same around your friend circle? Let us know in the comments if you have any other point that should be included in the list and we will update the post.

Author – Rani Sinha

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  1. 1

    Mostly agree to all this…I can add a few more.. we have the freedom to choose or not choose our caste or religion at any time … Meaning I can eat beef as much as I want (in fact its cool to do so in my circle) but still go back home and be a “pure” Brahmin.. nothing bad can touch me .. imagine the kind of psychological power I have .. that when I do touch wrong things – they become accepted or ok because I am a Brahmin ..I decide my morality .. but everyone else have to prove their purity or morality by being or doing things we have decided for example vegetarian for a day or something .. ridiculous !

  2. 2
    Babu Kumar

    Without doubt, this is all true, one hundred percent.

    This is the best article in as of now.

    No one could have put it altogether in a nutshell, as you did.

    I would like to add that there are many more privileges enjoyed by Brahmin men. Describing all these would take up a lot more space and time.

  3. 4
    D. Rajyogi

    If a country like india has to grow then we had come out of castism. There was a time when there were less of universities in our country and people learn everything from their community, and perhaps that time our caste related gesture were okeyed everywhere. Rite now after doing mba in finance a ward learns everything in its company. So is he brahmin?

    Even he had less knowledge of place where his ancestors were born.

    We live in a simple world ,where according to your education you can find a job and can lead your life . Please help people find more opportunities to live together rather cutting them in pieces of castism,religions and colour.

  4. 7

    One most important privilege of the brahmin male patriarch is only male has the right to wear a JANEU or sacred thread after which he becomes brahmin…brahmin women does not have that equality or dignity in the society as her male counter part to preside over or seat for conduct of any rituals with the priest or can become a priest of a temple….

  5. 12

    These brahmins are a plague to India for 5,000 they’re genetically from Khazarian Jewish tribes of Russia. They killed the Mauryan Empire(India’s only decent empire in the past), killed the Marathas and let the British invade India. They’re the main people who are behind the forced westernization of India even though 85% of people there will never be westernized which is good. They hate Islam because it bans usury and race superiority which is what they love a lot. They destroyed buddhism also here too. 80% of Indians now defecate on the road because the brahmin elite dont care at all about lower people of lower caste. Seriously a cancer and so are banias.

    • 13
      saubhag trasy

      Can you please refer me to any book or article on how Brahmins destroyed the Mauryan and Maratha empire. Also I thought Brahmins were Aryans, so how can they be Jewish?

  6. 14

    If one is born as a Brahmin, the probability of dying of hunger is zero. They have shaped social norms which give them reservations. For instance, the entire control of the religious complex is a monopoly enjoyed by Brahmins. Their physical security is ensured as killing a Brahman is the greatest of crimes (where as a Brahman killing a lower caste person is fairly okay) Brahmans have made themselves eligible for lots of gifts, gifts of land (on which the Dalits are supposed to work virtually as bonded labourers and gifts of cattle- which again the lower castes have to maintain. The Brahman male can also access women of all castes, the only thing that he has to do is possibly doing a minor purification ceremony after contact with a lower caste. where as any relationship of a lower caste male with a Brahmin woman is punishable with the strictest of punishments.

  7. 16
    Shrikant Gaware

    There are many more privileges which bahujans (dalits and non-dalits) have showered by on Brahmins.
    1) Temples are built by non-brahmins (mostly laboured by Shudras and dalits) and handed over to Brahmins who control all donations/prasads.
    2) Brahmins are being given preferences in the rituals from birth to death by Bahujans. Even for naming their own sons/daughtrs the advice of brahmins are sought.
    3) In all pujas/rites Bahujan never ask Brahmin as to what he murmured and what is its meaning. On insistance of Maharani, Chhatrapati Shahuji Maharaj allowed her to perform certain puja and told her to listen what the Brahmin was uttering while performing said puja. When Maharani attentively heard what Brahman had uttered she realised the crookedness of Brahmin sastras and kicked him out.

  8. 17

    It is the fact under apgovt since 1992 on wards somany colleges started by BC sc STS with highest professional ccalbre and after providing highly sophisticated infra structure on par with upper caste Reddy Velma mamma kkapu Brahmin management. They r forced made to close down by corrupt upper caste university statcouncil aicte ncte and politicians all dominated by uuppercastes duue to that brokers mafia Don’s corrupt running educational trading houses not institutes

  9. 19
    Ramesh Chand Kataria

    Brahmin are synonymous of Hindu religion, they are given an undeclared affirmative action in all matters throughout the territory of India.
    It is so bcoz Indian masses are made to believe, they must pay highest respect and regards to Brahmins or face crush of God. Brahmins befool people under the cover of religion.

  10. 21

    yes very true but why its happens because of us we still in DALI T Community we dont write or say that we are Buddhist. all other casts i.e. chamar, bhangi, kumbhar, lohar, maang, etc etc they are all dalit but they dont say or write as dalit but they seems that they are Hindu.even they dont remember what babasaheb did for all. so we are alone in this country. how we can fight with them(bramhin)

  11. 22

    Absolutely true…I work in a largest IT firm in India..and I can see it clearly….
    Rest part sort from work place is also true

  12. 24

    The invention of caste system is Brahmin’s greatest achievement for himself in which he deceitfully placed himself at the top to enjoy all comforts without any physical work; no torture of any kind he has to meet with. It also fetch him great admiration, respect in the name of hollow merithood & claims divine powers which make him powerful than any of the men around him.this all he does at the misery & lives of others whom he made them inferior to him in the caste system .he has crafted such a kind of environment in the society that is very selective which helps him a lot but affects seriously down the order up-to-the bottom, even denies the human rights by pushing them down to the level of animals.

    • 25

      Yes, through cleverly designed caste system which restricts people at the level they are born, Brahmins have done great dis-service to the nation and kept it behind other nations. Castes are anti-national as Dr Ambedkar said.

    • 27

      We agree. Caste is in clothes, caste is in food, caste is in jobs, caste in marriages etc. Caste matters everywhere and in everything in India!

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