Ram Rajya is Anti-Women, Racist and Castiest Kingdom


Hindu nationalists in the USA are losing no words to praise Trump and his divisive policies. Shalabh Kumar, a Hindu nationalist, close to Trump and was an integral part of Trump’s campaign iterated that Trump will usher Ram Rajya in the USA.

For the benefits of the US citizens and the worldwide audience, it will be important to explain what “Ram Rajya” means and why India’s upper castes are so fascinated with it. Simply translated, Ram Rajya means “the kingdom of mythical and epical King Rama”.

Ram is the main protagonist in the epic Ramayana. Gandhi, Bania (the higher caste) was also upholder Ram Rajya. What is so special about Ram Rajya that India’s so-called upper castes are fascinated with? India’s right wing ideologues, in turn, are also fascinated by Fascism and Nazism.

The Hindu nationalists met with the Nazis and Fascists. The Nazis dreamt of ushering the world into a new era of the Global caste system. The symbols and the rhetoric of Nazis were drawn from myths of Aryan Supremacy.

The entire myth of Aryanism (the supremacy of a race) is the foundation of the caste system. This discriminatory system is what Ram Rajya all about it.

Ram Rajya is the Racist and Casteist Kingdom

In the epic, there are many episodes that uphold supremacy of the Brahmins. For example, when the great Shudra (OBC) tried to acquire higher spiritual power through meditation, he is assassinated by racist king Ram.

The rationale that Ram gives in support of his murder if Shudra OBC is that that it will take away the privilege of the Brahmins. In Ram Rajya, the caste system must remain the governing principle of the society and not a democracy.

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Ram Rajya is Anti-Women

Ram, in the epic, sent his wife in exile under the suspicion of her purity. The episode shows strong hatred for women. His wife Sita is an example of someone towards whom gross injustices are done.

One can cite many such stories with the grand narrative of good versus evil archetypical story. However, like all the religious myths and stories, it is not innocent and there is a deep politics underlying these myths and stories.

So one can understand why India’s racist upper caste from the past (Gandhi) and to the present (Hindu nationalists) invoke this myth and now increasingly at the global level. It suits their draconian worldview.

In India, the poisonous propaganda of Hindutva brought the right wings to power. Trump may not know what the Ram Rajya is, but his steps are definitely directed at creating a divisive society and a divisive society is the sure recipe for violence and more suffering.

The world has evolved into democratic government and constitutionalism which is the bedrock of justice to all. The fascination with the antique myths like Ram Rajya or creationism is the enemies of the growth and development of humanity.

Author – Mangesh Dahiwale, Human Rights Activist

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