Now Read Velivada Posts on Google Play Newsstand Mobile App


We are pleased to announce that now you can read Velivada posts on the Google Play Newsstand App. Search Velivada on your Google Play Newsstand mobile app and find it and please subscribe it.

You will find + sign on the right corner to subscribe (see the highlighted part below).

Velivada Posts on Google Play Newsstand Mobile App

After your subscription, Velivada icon will appear under your Library section, from where you can read posts from Velivada website directly.

Velivada on Google Play Newsstand

Another way to subscribe is to visit this page on your desktop/mobile after logging in with your Gmail account, which is associated with Google Play Newsstand App and click on the + sign to subscribe.

Velivada on Google Play Newsstand

Maybe Velivada is the first Dalit-Bahujan website to get listed on Google Play Newsstand!

Let us know if you need any further help to subscribe and read Velivada posts through the app, we will be happy to assist you!

In case you want to send us your posts to be published on Velivada, please submit those here or email us at velivada[at]

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