Does Dravidian Politics Induce Hatred Especially Against Brahmins?


Before I go into that topic does Dravidian politics induce hatred especially against Brahmins,

Let me tell you something…

Both Hindutva (RSS) and Dravidian Politics (DK) was started at the early 1920s. RSS/Hindutva represents Brahminist ideology and Dravidian Politics represents Anti-Racism, Social Justice, and Pro Rationalism.

From the 1920s both organizations grew immensely and played a vital role in Indian System. Throughout history, RSS have been banned several times for various terrorist activities which include Assassination of Gandhi (It was Sardar Vallabhai Patel who banned RSS).

You don’t find any such track record for Dravidian Movement.

And in a closer look, Both RSS and Dravidian parties captured State Powers. (Dravidian Parties ruling TN for almost 50 years)

If Dravidian Politics induced hatred against Brahmin Community, like RSS does against Muslims and Dalits then we would have seen something similar like Gujarat Massacre where RSS slaughtered nearly 3000 Innocent Indians but nothing like that happened and it never gonna happen because Dravidian Politics didn’t arise based on Race Supremacy nor Hatred but born out of Social Justice. That’s why we see a Brahmin heading a Dravidian Party which is ruling now.

In fact, though RSS/Right Wingers/ Brahmins are against Reservations which represents Social Justice, Dravidian Politics supports Reservations for Brahmins too, based on their population.

Just think who is interfering even in our choice of food?

Dravidian Politics or RSS/Brahmin front?

When was the last time you ever heard any of renowned Dravidian Leaders threatening Brahmins publicly like RSS/Brahmin fronts (including Ministers) threatening Muslims and Dalits on daily basis?

You would never find something like that, that’s why someone like Sve Sekhar who managed to say “Periyar will never take bath” in Dravidian Head Quarters during one of his Drama Show.

In fact, when Sve Sekhar was chucked out of ADMK and he was close to DMK Top Heads, He himself said “I find lot of Brahmins holding important posts in DMK” in media at Broad daylight.

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Is that a sign of threatening Brahmins?

Never, If that’s the case then I would be the first person to stand on behalf of Brahmins.

When was the last time you heard someone was killed just because he was a Brahmin like Dalits getting killed for one and only Caste as a reason?

When was the last time you heard a Brahmin got lynched to death just because he ate his own choice of Food like Akhlaq was lynched to death by RSS Thugs just because he ate his own choice of food?

Dravidian Politics have been fighting for the right to enter Temple Sanctum for years but that fight is only for all, that does not exclude Brahmins but it’s the RSS/Brahmins Front who are fighting that only they have right to enter since they think they are born holy!

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Who is exclusive and who is inclusive here?

Still, if you are threatened by Dravidian Politics in spite of knowing all these then maybe you couldn’t spell your Caste/Race Supremacy publicly and couldn’t digest other caste people studying along with you since you think you are holy pure!

I know you may like Modi but remember this; Modi may become Prime Minister of India because our (Ambedkar’s) Constitution is equal for all but he can never become the leader of RSS/VHP because according to Manusmriti low caste is just a low caste no matter whether you are a Modi or Tom Moody!

Again, now what was your question?

Author – Thameem Tantra

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