[Poem] Untouchable – Sacrifice of Centuries


He sat there looking into space,



He did not dare to look at anything specific

Lest he be misunderstood for being arrogant;

He breathed slowly, sparingly

Exhaled shyly, stealthily,

Lest he be blamed of polluting the air;

He sat huddled trying to cover

His undressed body with his own body

Lest he be blamed of possessing the wealth;


He could have sung & prayed to God

But did not utter a word,

Lest he be blamed of possessing the knowledge;


Being an Untouchable he was forbidden

Of possessing anything including his own body or soul;


He sat there looking into space,


Waiting for centuries in a belief that

Saviors of him and his religion

Are capable of protecting him and his nation;

He sacrificed his freedom

He sacrificed his dignity & all his rights,


He left it to his saviors to protect the country

And build an elegant society,

He waited for years after years

And centuries after centuries,

They sold the country to Moghuls & Firangis,

They joined hands with the oppressors

To oppress him, the oppressed one;


He could no longer sit as a mute spectacle,

He revolted with his full might

For His freedom and freedom of knowledge;


He shouted “Jai Bheem”

And knew the power of his voice for the first time,

He found a new savior for his soul & spirit

An incarnation called Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar ;

He revolted to join the mainstream

And captured positions of power,


He proved that the centuries of oppression

And neglect did not wilt him down,

He proved that the so-called saviors

Were the selfish lame ducks

Who abrogated to themselves

All the powers in the name of religion,


He could call their bluff and was successful;

He would not let his

Sacrifice of centuries go waste,

He would not let himself

Be befooled again,

He would not let himself

Be made Untouchable again,

Never Ever!


A Poem By – 

Harishchandra Sukhdeve


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