Jotirao Phule on Beef Eating Brahmins – From His Gulamgiri Book


Jotirao : The Brahmins were created from the mouth of Brahma, (according to Manu). Then why is Manu silent about the creation of the original mother of the Brahmins? From which limb of Brahma was she created?

Dhondiba : As per the theory of these learned Brahmins, she might have been base and vicious, So let us rank `her along with the Mlenchhas’ (Muslims or foreigners) for the time being.

Jotirao : The Brahmin declares proudly that they are the gods on this earth, that they are the pre-eminent Varna among all the four Varnas. Their original Mother must have been a Brahmin lady. How dare you rank her with the Mlenchhas? How would she stand the stench of wine and beef? You utter a veritable heresy, Dhondiba!

Dhondiba : Sir, you have declared openly in public meetings that the original ancestors of the Brahmins, the venerable Rishis, were in the habit of killing cows and enjoying delicacies prepared from beef, on the occasion of death anniversaries. How, so called then, can you say that their original Mother would not relish beef (It would be distasteful for her to eat beef?)

Please wish a long life for the British raj here. You will then find that mosso-called devout Brahmins will curry favour with the English rulers, devour the left-overs of the beef-preparations at their tables not giving a remote chance to the utlers to partake of them. Most Mahar butlers are already grumbling, albeit secretly, against the Brahmin (beef-eaters) Manu himself has preferred to remain silent about the origin / creation of the original Mother of the Brahmins. You should blame Manu squarely for it. Why, then, do you blame me for uttering a heresy.

Please continue.

Jotirao : As you please!

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