10 Things That BJP/RSS Government Should Do To Regulate Hindu Religion


The BJP/RSS Government is keen on regulating the religious practices which are anachronous with the present and this is the justification that they are putting forward to “liberate Muslim women” from the demon of triple Talaq. It told to the SC that the Government can regulate it as a part of Right to practice and propagate religion in the Article 25 of Indian constitution. The BJP/RSS government is trying to woo various constituents of the electorate in its fold, and the Muslim women appear to be their target. Any arbitrary divorce practices are unfair to women who live in the world dominated by men, and it is true that the women suffer a lot because of “triple talaq”. Is intervening in the religious matters government’s duty? Can religion and politics be kept separate? In India, these two can not be kept separate and if the government is interested in regulating one religion then why not regulate Hindu religion and bring up-side down reforms?

Babasaheb Ambedkar led the movement for the liberation of women and he went on to bring strong legal measures to ensure that the women get equal rights with men. He succeeded in drafting the famous “Hindu Code Bill“, which gave legal support for the rights of women in the Hindu religion. The human rights are above all the rights and are the primary rights. The Fundamentals rights are actually gifts of the state. So the question is: Can the state legislate on the religious matters? The answer is: Yes and it is a qualified yes. The qualification comes from the broader values on which the Indian constitution stands: liberty, equality, and fraternity. However, the BJP/RSS Government is only trying to legalize the “Muslim” religion, and not Hindu religion.

BJP/RSS are interested in controlling other religions, why should BJP/RSS not regulate Hindu religion? Don’t they want to improve Hinduism?

The BJP/RSS Government must regulate Hindu religion and this is what they should do:

  1. Abolish reservation of the Brahmins in the temples. The Government should have an all India examination and the priests to the temple be appointed by the state after due training.
  2. All the proceedings of the temple must be regulated by the Government. A couple of years back, the trustees of the Tirupati temple wanted to ensure all of the Brahmins in Andhra.
  3. The Government must launch a media campaign like “Swacch Bharat” and can name it “Swacch Hinduism” and expunge all the references of caste from the Brahminical religion. It should take steps to abolish the caste system and launch the frontal attack on it through state machinery.
  4. All the public places should be open to people from all the religions
  5. No Yogi, Father, or Mullah can lead any Government and if they have to, they will have to do it as citizens of this country and not the representative of the religion. Adityanath should not be addressed as Yogi, but just Mr. Bist. We are the Indians first, and the Indian last.
  6. Women should be according to respect in all the religious matters and they can become priests like men in all the public temples.
  7. All matrimonial advertisements giving any reference to caste or mentioning caste of bride or groom should be treated as a crime.
  8. The wearing of the sacred thread should be banned as it furthers the caste supremacy and ritual status of wearers
  9. Wearing of Mangalsutras by married women either should be banned or made mandatory for both men and women (exactly same (equal) design)
  10. All temple (add all religious places) wealth should flow to the consolidated fund of India which then should be spent on Education, Health, Food, Shelter and Water for all.

Do you have any other suggestion that how to regulate Hindu religion? Let us know in the comments section.

Author  – Mangesh Dhaiwale and Tanoj Meshram

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