What 22 Years Old Jotiba Phule Was Doing?


What were you doing when you were 22 years old or what you will be doing when you will be? Read what Jotiba Phule was doing when he was 22 years old.

Jotiba Phule had taught his wife and started schools for the untouchables by that time. Yes, he was just 22 and was very well known not only throughout Pune but also in London! Court of Directors, London had acknowledged his work. He stood against [brainless] Brahmins and had rejected Brahminical scriptures.

Would Jotiba Phule have been born if Peshwa rule hadn’t ended with the Battle of Bhima Koregaon?

He might have born but Untouchables winning the battle against cruel Brahmin Peshwas put the first nail in the coffin of Brahminism. Defeating the Peshwas fertilised the ground for Jotiba Phule to sprout! Dr Ambedkar was born because Jotiba Phule sprouted. Rest, I believe is a history.

All this was around the same time when Peshwas rule had just ended and Brahmins were still very much influential in the British government. It was common practice during the rule of Peshwas that they used to give Dakshina to Brahmins in Lakhs of rupees every year. In 1818, when Mahars beat Peshwas in the battle of Bhima Koregaon, Peshwas rule ended and British rule started. But British kept that practice of giving money to Brahmins for a few years and then started decreasing the money.

The year 1848-49, the amount of Dakshina was around Rs. 4000. Jotiba Phule, 22 years old, stood against this practice and demanded that the money should be allocated for the education of untouchables. Brahmins of the time were already angry that British government has lowered the amount and now this 22 years of Shudra is challenging them. None till now had challenged Brahmins for their dominance but Brahmins were afraid of Jotiba Phule as his popularity had even reached London for his great work among untouchables.

In the end, British government allocated a part of that Dakshina for the education! It can be said the first funding for the education of untouchables! Can you imagine the anger and frustration of Brahmins of that time? Jotiba Phule didn’t care but kept on going!

Will you stand against Brahminical practices?

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