RSS Not Hindu But Only Brahmins Male Organization


It is well known that RSS doesn’t allow women to join in and doesn’t give them any position.  A few days ago, Rashtriya Janata Dal (RJD) of Lalu Prasad Yadav criticized RSS for its anti- reservation stand and wrote on its Twitter handle that, “RSS is not a Hindu Organization,  if it would have been a Hindu Organization would it have opposed representation of 80% Hindus”?

RJD is right, can any lower caste ever become chief of RSS or sit on the top positions? No, almost all the top posts are held by Brahmins or so-called upper castes. For RSS, lower castes become Hindus only when there is any conflict between Hindus and Muslims otherwise, RSS goons only beat but kill lower castes on regular basis. So-called lower castes are used to do the labor work in such upper caste organization. So-called lower castes need to understand what is good for them and must reject such casteist organizations.

RSS is not a Hindu Organization

The RJD also opposed and criticized those who are promoting Mohan Bhagwat for the post of India’s President and wrote on Twitter handle that, “The very thought of having fascist RSS’s head Mohan Bhagwat as India’s President is against the very idea & soul of our Constitution.“

Mohan Bhagwat RSS

RJD did not stop here but asked what kind of Cow-Bhakts are BJP-wala that in Kerela, Goa and Eastern India they don’t accept cow as the mother, think about it! RJD also demanded once again that Caste Census Data should be made public.

Cow and RSS

Lalu Prasad Yadav for put the things in right perspective. The whole of India and especially the OBC/SC/ST communities have been fooled by RSS that RSS, BJP, VHP are Hindu organizations working for good of Hindus. Lalu Prasad has rightly said that RSS/BJP are anti-Hindu organizations. If RSS/BJP were Hindu organizations, why would they oppose reservations policy meant for benefit of 85% Hindus?

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Caste Census

Constitution allows reservations only for Hindus, Buddhists, Sikhs and Jains. Other religions like Muslims and Christians do not get reservations anyway. More than 98% beneficiaries of reservations are all Hindus. Only 2% may be Sikhs and Buddhists. In spite of this, if RSS/BJP and their savarna caste supporters and activists oppose reservations, then either RSS/BJP are anti-Hindu organizations or SC/ST/OBCs are not Hindus.

Recent Anti-Hindu Policies of Modi’s BJP/RSS Government at Center –

  1. Reduction in funds meant for SC/ST component plan
  2. Stopping funds for the research centers carrying out research on Dr. Ambedkar thoughts and issues related to OBC/SC/STs
  3. Reduction in the number of seats for M Phil and Ph.D. in central universities where increasingly OBC/SC/STs students were taking admissions.
  4. Freeze on the recruitment for government jobs
  5. Privatization of Public sector enterprises and government departments, thereby denying benefits of reservations to SC/ST/OBCs

Only Dalit-Bahujans are demanding for long that GOI releases caste census data why not are others demanding it?  Why is government afraid of releasing Caste Census? Release it so that everyone knows who is eating others’ share. Why so afraid? Whom government is trying to save by not releasing Caste Census? Is it to protect Brahmins who are 5% only but hold most of the resources?

Why are BJP/RSS afraid of Caste Census data? Is it because lower castes will start demanding their rights after that?

We demand caste census data be released so that different communities get proper funds and schemes for their development.

Author – Jayant Pathri and Velivada Team

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  1. 2
    MB Rathore

    It’s not only the RSS, an organisation of Brahmins & headed by Brahmins but it’s all outfits are also headed by Brahmins only. Hence they follow the agenda of Brahmins only.

  2. 3

    RSS is anti Dalit, anti minorities and anti women. I must say it is like a Indian terrorist group and anti nationals. We (Dhalit Bahujans and Minorities) ready to face and fight against RSS. One day India will be modified with Bahujans only.

    • 4

      Are you really ready to fight against RSS? We also must have one organisation. We are majority here, 15 times than their majority

  3. 5

    I think RSS and all other Indians are not anti-Dalit but they all are anti-Buddhist. they actually don’t want these people who walking on the path of buddha and Dr. Babasaheb. so all other people support to RSS. they don’t want anything from this govt. but only they want no Buddhist in India. they don’t like us because Buddhist people don’t believe GOD and VED AND UPANISHADA. this is a real fact.

  4. 6
    kk singh

    British creation RSS has treachery in its blood, who said example of Bhagat Singh, opposed Quit India Movement to side its masters, burnt Tri-Colour, which id did not furl at its own HQ till recently, killed MK Gandhi, and now selling India to US/China & allies, its heads run to Pakistan!
    Brahminism is mask though, but by birth RSS is anti Dalits, anti minorities, anti women!

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