Why India Cannot Have Lower Castes and Minorities Owned Businesses?



How many of the businesses in India are run by lower castes and minority communities? Any guess? Numbers would be negligible no matter how hard you try to guess.

There is an executive order that promotes diversity in the private sector in U.S. Indian policies must be aimed at bringing 85 percent economically marginalized citizens in the businesses. The affirmative action in line with American policy can boost Indian economy. Among the Asians, Indian have more say than the Chinese.

The upper caste Indians demand level-playing field in the USA, deny the same to lower castes in India.

India will have to adopt diversity and ensure that their companies are caste-free and that their management is diverse. Indian corporate is casteist. The SCs, STs, OBCs, and Minorities are blocked by their caste to participate in the economy.

In India, every company has its own caste and mainly dominated by Brahmins and Banias. Lower castes are ignored in the budget, ignored in almost all spheres of life in India. Economic survey of India 2016-2017 also ignored the lower castes. Usually, money allocated to promote entrepreneurship among lower caste is either diverted or left unused.

If India has to progress, it has to give equal opportunities to all the communities, otherwise, if only 5-10% people are progressing and rest 90% are left behind, India is never going to be a developed country. If we are aiming for being developed, things must change and they should change fast.  Dalits and minority communities should start working on starting and setting up their own businesses.

Will things change in near future? There is a little hope for lower castes that things will change unless lower castes get the power and make things work. See below the data for the businesses started and owned by Blacks of the USA, Indian lower castes stand no chance anywhere near to these numbers.

Businesses Owned By Blacks

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