Is Ambedkarite Movement Losing Its Existence? – From the Diary of 22 Years Old Dalit


Editor – In the business world these days, companies are focusing more and more on listening to the young generation that what they want in products and services? Same is true for politics, if we want to achieve something in politics, listen to the young generation. Read below a note from the diary of the 22 years old – Amit Dande from Pune.

I am deeply hurt by yesterday’s (11.03.2017) election results of Uttar Pradesh where the Bhartiya Janata Party (BJP) again swept the election with a historic victory! They won 300+ seats out of 403 in the state of Uttar Pradesh leaving no room for the Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP). I wonder if this will be the greatest victory for any other political party after India’s Independence in 1947 because a party like BJP which didn’t give even a single ticket to a Muslim candidate have won the seats in Muslim dominated areas of Uttar Pradesh. I doubt whether it is the “Modi Magic” or the magic of “Electronic Voting Machines”.

So with reference to the current socio-political situation, this is what a young 22 years old mind has to say with only the public domain as his source of information and a brain which has own intellect and limitations. Here is what I feel.

The Current Political Scenario

As the Bhartiya Janata Party’s (BJP) government is ruling at the Centre since 2014 and also in other states of India, with the biggest state like Uttar Pradesh in their pockets now, they will surely have a significant role in the Rajya Sabha (Upper House) soon along with Lok Sabha (Lower House). So precisely there exists no opposition (as such) at both these parliamentary levels (houses) that can stop the BJP from taking major decisions for the country, sorry – for the Manuwadis!

The only political party which can stand against this separatist, casteist, communal, venom spitting bigoted mentality of Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) is the Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) and/or The Republican Party of India aka RPI (only when all its fractions since 1957 till today are united). But if I were to look a decade back the only thing I can see is that after winning with a majority in Uttar Pradesh’s election in 2007, the political graph of BSP is declining slowly. It can be evidenced from the circumstances like – there has been no great victory for BSP or RPI as such after 2007. In 2012 the Samajwadi Party (SP) defeated BSP, in 2014 Lok Sabha elections BSP couldn’t win even a single seat and now 2017’s state elections. The RPI is getting divided day-by-day confusing its followers regarding whom to follow? Nowhere I can see the graph’s uptrend! Our party (political representation) is dying a slow death which can’t be left unseen and the pseudo-nationalists are waking up again; an awakened Ambedkarites should remember that they were never dead but were just put to sleep. And now if this demon wakes up, our people will have to live as per the laws of ‘Manu’ from the holy book of the casteists known as Manusmriti, which surely is a sign of danger and a wake-up call too!

Well, I shouldn’t say this but looking at the current sweeping victories of BJP in so many States, Municipal Corporations and at the Centre, we just can’t blame the EVMs only (except up to a certain extent). All my people the Indians – the Nativists (Mulnivasis), the Buddhists, the Muslims, the Christians, the Hindus (all the 6000+ castes and sub-castes except the casteist Savarnas who believe in Manusmriti), the Sikhs, the Jains, etc. who believe that RSS-BJP are a real internal threat to India’s Sovereignty, Sociality, Secularity, Democracy, Liberty, Equality and Fraternity have to understand and digest this fact that our core voter base who majorly belongs to the minority community (but who are also majority in numbers) have shifted themselves to BJP and it’s affiliates.


The BJP will slowly start penetrating into the law and replace it with Manu’s law in coming years with political and governing power on their side.


Now it’s up to us to quickly realise that BJP is a political wing of the cultural terrorist organisation RSS! The BJP is just the face that we all see but its brain is RSS, even though they deny it. It’s high time we realise that

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The Past, Present and Future of India

In earlier days they (the Savarnas – the Manuwadis) didn’t give us access to knowledge, weapons, etc. and we were deprived of even the basic human needs and rights for 4000 long years! A terrific long period full of agony and pains. Thanks to the efforts of social reformers from Lord Buddha to Periyar E V Ramaswamy, that today we can live as any other human being in the society. But sadly my countrymen have failed to realise that it’s because of these social reformers that, “WE ARE, WHAT WE ARE !”

Unfortunately, our people – my people either don’t know this or in spite of knowing they don’t want to showcase and propagate this fearing what other people will think about them, what the society would say and many such things. But these are the same shameless people who take the benefits of reservation in every field but when it comes to thanking and recognising these social reformers they feel ashamed about them. Such is the irony but also a challenge for our young minds to accept.

Some Facts of the RSS-BJP Team

  • They have the cultural back-up in the form of RSS which has it’s roots so deep that even the mobile networks haven’t reached those places where RSS has reached.
  • RSS political wing is BJP which perfectly handles all it’s political and governance affairs along with secretly creating tensions in the country.
  • Their student wing, Akhil Bhartiya Vidyarthi Parishad (ABVP) spreads and propagates the ideologies of RSS in the minds of the youngsters at a very tender age from 16 years to 30 years bracket where most of them are not enough politically matured. So they secure their young voter base by brainwashing them.
  • Majority of the media of communication majorly used by the common people like television media, print media, advertisement media, social media is cunningly managed by them and they use them like a puppet for themselves with the dogs and boot-lickers like Zee News, ABP News, India TV, India News, Aaj Tak, Times Now, Dainik Jagran, etc. securing the top most positions. They have a dedicated Information Technology Cell (IT Cell) which is managed and operated by trained professionals.
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This is the way in which they have spread themselves in each and every corner of India and it’s people with the help of domestic and foreign funding.

Now the question that pops-up in my inquisitive mind is that, “what do we have except the name and face of Dr.Ambedkar?” No doubt he is the biggest asset that we have but our own people and the demagogues have sold him for money, selfish gains in the hands of the casteists. Hence, the results are in front of us –

  • Dadri mob lynching of Mohammad Akhlaq (2015).
  • The Institutional murder of Rohith Vemula (2016).
  • Flogging of Dalits at Una, Gujarat (2016).
  • Najeeb Jung missing case (2016).
  • Rape and murder or Delta Meghwal (2016).
  • Labelling our people as anti-nationals, Pakistanis, Naxalites, Terrorists, etc. just because we dare to question them.

It’s all the Sanghi mind which is at work and I can quote them as follows,

“Irony of India –

The half-knickered Sanghis,

Who didn’t contribute even an iota for freedom struggle,

Are now busy distributing the certificates of NATIONALISM!”

Why can’t the normal people judge and analyse these things instead of blindly following their masters like donkeys? Have they lost their intellect? Don’t they have their own brains and analytical power? Don’t they have any self-respect? Don’t they care about their country?

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So What’s the Action Plan?

  • We have to create an army of administrative officers, judicial persons; professionals in the field of Information Technology, Sociology, Politics, Finance, Marketing, Human Resource, Infrastructure, Literature, Education, Arts, Entertainment, etc.
  • We have to be our own media like using WhatsApp, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and other social platforms for raising our voice and propagating our agendas instead of circulating jokes and chatting all the day. Our television media & print media should have worldwide coverage, along with this we have to create our own data bank with loads of articles and stuff contributed by our own people and make it accessible to the public.
  • Not just education but high-quality education (for those who can afford it) should be a priority for all of us. And the same should be utilised for the upliftment of the society.
  • We shouldn’t hide our identity just because we belong to a minority community, instead, say that thing with pride provided one is well-equipped with merit on his/her side. If not, then start it right now.
  • Our ancestors primarily focused on doing jobs (no doubt the circumstances were different at that time) but today’s youngsters should enter into businesses and make themselves financially and economically independent. Because a powerful, wealthy and knowledgeable person is always an asset for a revolution to come. This should be our new stance – “Be job givers instead of job seekers.”
  • We should inject ideas and finance in a strategic manner on a heavy level amongst the literates. This in turn, will help our people in liberating further and work for our Bahujan Movement.
  • Make them realise through cadre camps and by every medium possible that how they are still being deprived of their identity and rights by the existing caste system (which normal people can’t see by naked eyes, it requires your brain’s vision), how their freedom of speech is being restricted, etc.To quote in Abraham Lincoln’s words,
    “Tell the slave he is a slave, And he will rebel.” [Similar words are attributed to Dr Ambedkar also.]
  • Try to unite all the fractions of the Bahujan Movement under one single umbrella because unity is the biggest strength. We may win small battles but we will never win a war till we are divided amongst ourselves.
  • … and all such steps which your brilliant mind can think of.

So do you think all these above steps are to be taken one after another? Then you’re wrong, these steps have to be taken parallelly and not consecutively as both time and power are slipping out of our hands just like the sands of time. A bold and decisive step needs to be taken by every individual at his/her own level and MAKE INDIA GREAT AGAIN!

Take a Step and Decide

We should derive inspiration from the glorious past of our social reformers like Lord Buddha, Emperor Ashoka, Saint Kabir, Saint Tukaram, Saint Ravidas, Saint Guru Nanak, Rajmata Jijabai, Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj, Mahatma Jyotirao Phule, Savitribai Phule, Chhatrapati Shahu Maharaj, Birsa Munda, Dr.Bhimrao Ambedkar, Ramabai Ambedkar, Bhagat Singh, Thanthai Periyar, Annabhau Sathe and Late Manyawar Kanshiramji!
They all fought against the social evils and made a mark in the history of mankind by challenging, hammering and denting the inhuman societal evils- traditions. They did it till their last breath, then why can’t we? Aren’t we capable enough? Doesn’t these names ignite a spark of revolution in us? Or are we happy being ruled by someone else? Too many questions but no concrete answers.

My concluding words to all my people are that we have to pull up our socks and get ready for a big battle that’s approaching else the days are not too far when we will see history repeating itself with the Nativists and our countrymen again suffering the worst form of social discrimination under the Varna System where the untouchables had to carry a broom attached to their backs so that when they enter into the city their footprints would not pollute the path; we’ll have to put a pot around our neck to carry our own spit in it like earlier days; we will not be allowed to hold any arms and education would become a distant dream for us, etc.

For not repeating above past of the Varna System,

“Make Your Pen and Wisdom as Your WEAPONS,

Make Your Three-Piece Suit as Your ARMOUR,

Make Your thoughts of social reformers as Your ARTILLERIES,

Because a new Ambedkar cannot be born,
We just need a sequel to Dr Ambedkar!

Ambedkarites 2.0”

Author – Amit Dande, Pune

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