Masjid, Temple, or Buddhist Stupa: Politics Behind Ayodhya


India’s history of religions is checkered. In fact, it is not just true about religions, but also about the political history of India. As a matter of fact, the word “Hindu” is not found in any of the so-called texts of the “Hindus”. The so-called sacred texts of the “Hinduism” are written to support the caste system.

You pick any sacred books of the Hindus and in at least a few verses there will be the justification of the caste system. This is because the majority of the sacred books are written by the Brahmans, barring a few Upnishads, which continued to be written till the recent times of Allah-upnishad.

The larger population of India never read any sacred books, nor they have seen many of those sacred books, except in the textbooks that glorify them. The great Maharaja of Kolhapur, Shahu Maharaj, made it a point to translate some of them during the ritual conducted by the Brahmans which shamed women present during those rituals. A large scale study of this literature is mandatory for India’s OBCs and SCs as to how these scriptures spit venom. The Gita Press in Benaras goes on printing newly edited versions of the so-called sacred texts as a vehicle to promote neo-Hinduism.

Interesting is also the History of Epics in India

Two epics, Ramayana and Mahabharat, are famous in India. Plainly, these are the epics, and by definition, epics are not history, but poems to amuse people. But myth loving Indians have made these poems into sacred books. They not only made poems into history but also invented geography according to the poetry.

This is the real genius of the Brahmans in India to prop the masses to find history and geography in the poems. The discovery of the geographical locations in these poems is political and it is important for the RSS’s plan to further befool India’s OBCs and SCs.

In the Indian Context, the most Important Riddle is: Who is a Hindu?

As noted by many sociologists, in India, the caste is stronger than religion. There is no ritual for India’s OBCs and SCs to become Hindus. How can the slaves have any ritual to be declared as the slaves? But, the three Varnas (Brahmans, Kshatriya, and Vaishyas) have a ritual called “Upanayana”, which is conducted at different ages in their lives. The OBCs and SCs have none. Technically, they are not Hindus.

In fact, Hindu is a geographical term given by the Muslim invaders of India. Hence the idea of Hindutva is very much linked with the Muslims in India.

The Hindutva forces always tried to polarise India’s masses by creating fear of Islam. However, this rhetoric also needs some object to consolidate it further. That object was the Masjid in Ayodhya.

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The Brahmans have to create the “religious object” to polarise the masses. Since the beginning of the last century, the Hindutva forces tried to create the movement. The movement to get hold of the Babri Masjid was led by no other than the Guru of Avaidyanath, who is the Guru of Adityanath, the BJP’s new Chief Minister of UP. Adityanath has been rewarded for his Mutt’s efforts to put the image of Ram in the Masjid in 1949. After the weeklong Puja, the Maharaja of Gorakhpur Mutt/Ashram barged into to Masjid and installed the images of Ram and Sita in 1949. The subsequent movement and eventual demolition of Babri Masjid by the BJP/RSS/VHP on 6th December 1992 brought the BJP to the power.

The history, however, shows that the present site of the Masjid is archaeologically the famous site of the Buddhists. Saket as it was called then and Ayodhya called now is the famous Buddhist site. Many stupas are scattered around the present disputed site.

The Buddhist world should demand the full excavation of the present site before anything is constructed on it. It is interesting to see that there is a famous Buddhist city in Thailand named as Ayutthya. The full excavation of the site will give a clear picture as to who really hold the right to own it. The High Court in Allahabad reduced the controversial matter to partnership issue, instead of the issue of the title. This is a strange legal judgement.

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The ownership of the site must be determined and the rightful place to the claimants should be given. In this case, there are not only two parties, but also the Buddhists, whose thousands of important places were not only ruined to rumbles, but also converted to Hindu/Brahman Temples. The most important site of the Buddhists, the birthplace of the Buddha, where Siddhartha became the Buddha, is forcibly held by the Brahmans/Mahants. They have no locus stand over this place, but still, they are clinching on to it.

The Masjid and Temple is a political matter, but the history of Saket/Ayodhya is a spiritual matter for the Buddhists. The BJP/RSS fooled the lower-OBCs and lower-Dalits in its fold by the promises of “development”, but by installing Adityanath as the CM it showed its true fangs of Brahmanical Hinduism.

Author – Mangesh Dhaiwale

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