[Video] People, Not EVMs Should Choose Representatives: Behan Mayawati


Bahujan Samaj Party chief Behan Mayawati once again raised the issue of tampering with the EVMs. This time stage was different, she raised the issue of EVM scam this time at Rajya Sabha.  There is anger among the Dalit-Bahujans that BJP managed EVMs to win the recent elections.

“Representatives should be of people’s choice and not that of EVMs,” she said, raising the issue during Zero Hour. “Democracy is being murdered,” she said.

If we want to save democracy in India, we need to protest against the EVM use otherwise, democracy will die soon in India. Behan Mayawati was the first one to raise the issue and now many other politicians are raising voice against the use of EVM, which can be manipulated easily to influence the election results.

BSP is going to supreme court against the use of EVM in the election.  In many developed countries, the use of EVM is banned for the same reason that EVMs can be tampered and anyone can misuse those hence influence the results of the election. Many people in UP have come forward to oppose the use of EVMs. It was reported even during the election time at many places that machines are giving problems.

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If we want that in India there be the fair and transparent election in future, we need to ban the use of EVM as has been done by many European countries. Japan provides EVM material/software for the India but even in Japan EVMs are not used. Japan uses ballot paper for voting. Why does India use EVMs is surprising despite knowing that these can be misused by criminal elements of the society.

While BJP was in opposition, it used to raise the issue of possible EVM scam when Congress was winning but when BJP managed to manage these well, BJP also stopped complaining about EVMs. Why does BJP have an issue if there are a fair trial and investigation on whether there was any fraud in the use of EVMs during the election?

Even Supreme Court had ordered Election Commission to implement the use of VVPAT, which would have added one extra layer to the safe use of the EVMs but maybe EC didn’t implement the use of it under the influence of ruling government.

Indian have a short time to save democracy, act now. Start protesting otherwise be ready to join the funeral of democracy!

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