20th March in Dalit History – Mahad Satyagraha Led By Dr. Ambedkar


Mahad Satyagraha was a satyagraha led by Dr. B. R. Ambedkar on 20 March 1927 to allow untouchables to use water in a public tank in Mahad (currently in Kolba district), Maharashtra, India. The day (20 March) observed as Social Empowerment day in India.

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Mahad Satyagraha

On March 20, 1927, Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar led the Mahad satyagraha – for drinking water from the Cavdar tank at Mahad.  This was the “foundational struggle” of the Dalit movement, a movement for water – and for caste annihilation.

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In his statement at the time, Dr. Ambedkar put the movement in the broadest possible context.  Why do we fight, he asked.  It is not simply for drinking water; drinking the water will not give us very much.  It is not even a matter of only of our human rights, though we fight to establish the right to drink water.  But our goal is no less than that of the French Revolution.  This was fought for the reconstruction of society, for the eradication of the old society based on feudal inequality and the establishment of a new society based on liberty, equality, and fraternity.

Similarly, we want to end the old inhuman caste society based on inequality and reconstruct the world, reconstruct society on the basis of liberty, equality, and fraternity.  This is our goal!

But our goal is no less than that of the French Revolution.

And so Dalits went to drink the water at Mahad.  They were met with ferocious repression: an attack by caste Hindus followed.  The Dalits retreated, came back several months later on December 25 for a renewed struggle, and since the collector had given an injunction against any further attempt, Ambedkar decided to honour this and instead burned the Manusmriti.  A fitting climax to the first battle of Dalit liberation! (Source – Gail Omvedt’s Blog)

Flyer published before Mahad Satyagraha in 1927

Flyer published before Mahad Satyagraha in 1927

mahad chavdar tal satyagrah-dr bhimrao ramji ambedkar

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