When Dr. Ambedkar had Started Training School for Entrance to Politics


Dr. Ambedkar knew the importance of politics and good leaders. There are many things about Dr. Ambedkar which are not taught or discussed in India. One such thing is his ideas about starting a school for politics training – Dr. Ambedkar’s Political School.  The training school was established in July 1956 in Mumbai and was named as the ‘Training School for Entrance to Politics’.

Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar was the Director, and his close associate S.S. Rege was the Registrar of the school.

In India, the first training school for entrance to politics was established by Dr. Ambedkar in 1956. The first batch of the school consisted of 15 students.

Unfortunately, its first batch turned out to be the last batch as the school was closed after Dr. Ambedkar’s death in 1956.”

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Dr Ambedkar was also going to address the trainees on oratory skills on December 10, 1956, but he passed away four days before that.

The much-cherished objective of the school was the training upcoming political leaders by inculcating Buddhist outlook in them.

He wanted to train them in different subjects of social sciences and to equip them with parliamentary legislative procedures and behaviours.

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According to Ms. Uike, the school has a tragic history because it died despite being started by Dr. Ambedkar, whereas the Republican Party of India, which was only proposed by him, was received as a celebrated idea by his followers.

For Dr. Ambedkar, the school was an entry point into the proposed political party, the RPI.

The school was functional only for eight months. Dr. Ambedkar was in search of a good principal for the school.

The over-enthusiastic politicians underestimated and neglected his thought of political school. It is unfortunate that in the last 60 years we have not paid much attention to materializing Dr. Ambedkar’s dream of starting a school for political training.

Author – Makwana Jitendra and Velivada Team

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