Dalits Need to Learn Business & Finance As Soon As Possible


Lack of capital is a major problem but we have good experience by now, we must keep trying somehow because even after working so hard in almost every sector we have remained poorest in this country! Is starting Business and becoming economically free is the solution?

Here are the 10 points on which Dalits must think over and start working on their own Business.

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1. We Dalits manage 70 ℅ construction work in India as labourers and sub contractors but we never became builders!

2. We Dalits having been working as labourers in textiles since ages as Bunkars but now it’s high time we somehow should learn and manage to buy and sell our own products to the market instead of doing just Job work for baniyas or patels.

3. We were extremely good at leather work but because of our innocence and very minimal networking skills Brahmins have taken over our leather business and we are still working as labourers in those units.

4. Dalits in Gujarat tried our best in ceramics and plastics. But we somehow could not manage to sustain the challenges of industry and could not train our next generations to lead n face challenges!

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5. We need to train our mom daughters and sisters to learn finance and business skills so that even while doing office work or labour work at some factory they can think of starting their own business. They can teach our future generations at home if they will succeed and will help next generations learn so well like baniya Marwari families.

6. We badly need to learn the rates of interest and how not to get in the interest trap of baniyas for any of our financial needs.

7. We slowly need to learn long term investment skills.

8. We need to build our networks, create our own channels and build teams.

9. We must get out of our laziness. Alcohol habits. Low confidence. We must work hard now. Or else we will remain handicaps.

10. We must not be satisfied with spending thoda sa money here and there.

Please support each other.

Author – Makwana Jitendra

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