What Merit? List of SC/ST/OBC top ranks achievers in IAS examination


As far as merit is concerned, let me enlighten you about the many SC/ST and OBC students who have achieved top ranks in the merit list. These are some of the top ranks achieved by reserved category students in the country’s toughest Civil Services Examination (CSE):

Rank 4 – OBC (IAS CSE 2005), Rank 28 – SC (IAS CSE 2005)
Rank 11 – SC (IAS CSE 2006); Rank 1 – OBC (IAS CSE 2006)
Rank 29 – ST (IAS CSE 2007), Rank 9 – SC (IAS CSE 2008)
Rank 1 – OBC (IAS CSE 2010), Rank 18, 20, 22 – SC (IAS CSE 2010)
Rank 57 – SC (IAS CSE 2011); Rank 36 – ST (IAS CSE 2012)
Rank 4, 5, 6, 7 – OBC (IAS CSE 2014); Rank 14 – SC (IFS CSE 2014)
Rank 46 – ST (IAS CSE 2014)


Source – huffingtonpost

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  1. 1
    Mohan Rathinasamy

    OBC and Dalits intellectuals should unite and make many intellectuals in their class. They must have representation in policy making. Brahmin should not have a say in education.. Members of other communities must make the presence in determining the education policy.

  2. 2
    Ambrose Pinto

    Reserved vacancies are not filled up. Hatred instead is generated. It is time that SCs/STs/OBCs demand compensation for the historical injustice by demanding LAND and other resources in proportionate to their population. Country belongs to all. The privileged cannot carry on with their privileges through sheer exploitation of the system

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