How Indian Independence was ‘Introduced’


India’s President Dr. Rajendra Prasad washed the feet of 200 Sanskrit Pandits with water, put sandal paste on their foreheads, garlanded them, gave them sweets and Rs.11/- each as “dakshana”. Cartoon from Filmindia magazine, I got this cartoon from National Film Archive of India, Pune in February, 2013. ~ Thanks, Syam Sundar.

Indian independence


This is the reason why many Dalits believe that 15th August was just the transfer of power from British people to so called upper castes in India. Dalits were suffering before the independence and that suffering continued even after the independence.

Dr. A. K. Biswas writes on this event of washing feet of Brahmins –

That the first President of India, Dr. Rajendra Prasad had washed feet of 200 Brahmans on the banks of the Ganges at Banaras is known to me. I did not come across it despite my efforts to trace it over last three decades. I am grateful for the cartoon of 1952. Let intellectual class search out the photos of the celebration of fellow Brahmans on Nehru becoming the first Prime Minister of India.

Today those who denounce caste are just desperate to shield the past that might remotely shame them for their ancestor’s role in revealing in caste superiority.

I’ll be indebted to any who can bring out photos of Nehru in Raja danda and the eulogy of the Benares Brahmans showed on him.

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